Thursday, October 28

The bipartisan “shields” the Alicante Town Hall square from protests for the Giant Bethlehem

Retired, yesterday, without a banner or a megaphone in front of the Nativity Scene.

Retired, yesterday, without a banner or a megaphone in front of the Nativity Scene.
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Two and a half years after starting their weekly claims, every Monday without fail, to demand that pensions be shielded in the Spanish Constitution, the groups of retirees from Alicante could not concentrate on the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in the capital on Monday. Neither they nor the rest who have promoted protests in a more than symbolic place this Christmas.

After receiving the usual permission, the Government Subdelegation backed down after receiving a report from the Department of Festivities and Occupation of the Public Highway in which it was alleged that the installation of the Giant Nativity Scene had increased the presence of people in the area, and not only on weekends when the main crowds of onlookers occur. “Due [del Belén Gigante] a higher-than-usual turnout is being observed, which is why it does not seem advisable to carry out the requested acts “, the City Council’s report against the holding of protests in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, a document that ended” informing negatively ”about the protest. And so with all those that have been requested in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento these days, from the group of pensioners, to the group of interns and workers in fraud of law, through the entities and neighbors contrary to the waste treatment plant of the rural part of Fontcalent.

Possible sanction

Sources from the Government Sub-delegation, led by Araceli Poblador, explain that the entities that promote these protests have been informed of the contrary position of the City Council through unfavorable reports, which has made them offer them as an alternative to concentrate in the Plaza de the Montañeta. Most have rejected it. “We have been meeting here every Monday for more than two years. The Giant Bethlehem, during the week, is not visited by so many people either … We do not understand that they do not let us concentrate here, “explained María José Henarejos, spokesperson for the group of pensioners, who yesterday went to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento along with other members of the entity but without a banner or the characteristic megaphone. They only went with T-shirts. If the protest had been officially called, it would be a “concentration not communicated”, which would expose the group to a sanction by the Government Sub-delegation.

The Trek Rural organization, which promoted a protest against the Fontcalent waste treatment plant last Thursday during the celebration of the December municipal plenary session, decided to change the location, although they moved just a few meters: from the Town Hall square at the beginning of Jorge Juan Street, at the gates of the new Consistory building.

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