Monday, November 23

The bipartisan system places the end of construction of the El Somni school in PAU 2 in 2023

A recent protest in favor of the new El Somni school.  |  HÉCTOR FUENTES

A recent protest in favor of the new El Somni school. | HÉCTOR FUENTES

After years of demands from the school community and despite the opposition of the municipal auditor, the Plenary of Alicante assumed this Thursday the powers of the Ministry of Education to build the new school The dream, projected on a plot of PAU 2.

The municipal corporation en bloc voted in favor of the project despite the objections made by the auditor of the Alicante City Council, who considers that the department directed by Vicent Marzà does not transfer to the municipalities all the necessary resources (in terms of personnel) to obtain forward the initiatives attached to the Building Plan. This project has a budget of about 5.7 million euros, which is borne by the regional administration.

The bipartisan’s forecast is that the works for the new El Somni school can be tendered next year and that they end in 2023. In 2021 185,000 euros will be allocated for the project and the start of actions, in 2022 the budget forecast is 2.3 million euros for works, to be completed in 2023 with 3.3 million euros of investment.

The new school will occupy a plot donated by the City Council that is located in PAU 2, in the vicinity of Avenida Isla de Corfu. The new center will have twelve classrooms to accommodate a hundred schoolchildren, plus the basic qualification training programs. Four other classrooms will also be set up for groups. There will also be an office for a Social Work technician, a multipurpose classroom, a workshop for domestic activities, a cycle equipment room, warehouses, toilets and technical facilities rooms, among others. Outside, playgrounds and gardens will be set up, with a vegetable garden, parking and surface area for possible extensions, according to the Alicante City Council yesterday after the plenary session.

In the debate, the Councilor for Education, Julia Llopis (PP), very critical up to now with the Edificant Plan, defended the initiative, avoiding the usual criticisms of Botànic policies. «Nobody delayed anything, they were the mandatory steps. It has been given as quickly as possible, ”said the mayor, who was the target of criticism for the accumulated delays from the left and also from Vox, a group that extended the reproaches to the Generalitat Valenciana. From the PSOE, the councilor Trini Amorós also proposed to the Barcala government to promote a commission to address the development of the Building Plan in Alicante among all municipal groups. “I propose that you promote the creation of a commission to draw up a map with the needs of the centers, a prioritization calendar,” he said. The bipartisan promised to study the proposal, which the PSOE intends to go to the ordinary plenary session in November next Thursday.

Alicante has, in addition to El Somni, La Florida, Juan Bautista Llorca, Santo Ángel de la Guarda and La Cañada within the Building Plan. Actions at these centers are expected to end in 2022.

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