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The bipartisan will repaint the lines of the streets of Carolinas Altas in white after canceling the paid parking

That decision must be officially notified, according to the decree, to the company awarded the service, to the Municipal District Board number 2, and to the neighborhood associations and merchants participating in the implementation process.

The official document signed by the councilor explains that by means of a previous decree of March 31, 2021, “a new regulated parking area was implemented in Sector 7, in the Carolinas neighborhood (Carolinas Altas neighborhood), in accordance with the procedure established in the regulatory ordinance of limitations to the use of parking on public roads (ORA ordinance) , with the agreement of the neighborhood and sector representatives of the District Board No. 2, in addition to having informed the Municipal District Board No. 2 “. The text continues with the fact that “once its progressive implementation has begun, with the installation of horizontal and vertical signage and the realization of an information campaign, before the end of the campaign, applications have been received signed by a large number of residents who show their disagreement with the implementation of regulated parking areas in the Carolinas Altas neighborhood, for which they request their stoppage “.

However, as the text continues, “in the face of neighborhood opposition to the implementation of new regulated parking areas in Sector 7, Barrio Carolinas (Carolinas Altas neighborhood), as evidenced in the opinion poll carried out, it has been considered appropriate and timely suspend its implementation permanently “.

At the end of September, the bipartite of Alicante decided to definitively reverse the project to implement the regulated parking area (ORA) in the Carolinas Altas neighborhood. The decision was made three months after the municipal government itself paralyzed the initiative due to strong neighborhood and commercial rejection.

The Councilor for the Presidency, Antonio Peral, was in charge of announcing the suspension of the initiative promoted by the Barcala executive during this mandate, which came to have the endorsement of the District Board of the area: “The government team has decided to suspend the implementation of the ORA in Carolinas, due to the strong rejection of the neighbors for the implementation of this parking system. We discovered, when the service was launched, that what seemed support was not as we expected. We wanted to improve the parking, it seemed that it could be the solution”.

The popular mayor highlighted the neighborhood opposition that forced to paralyze the measure in June, despite the fact that the existing associations, both neighborhoods and merchants existing when the measure was promoted, did support its implementation: “That rejection took place and we paralyzed the start-up. So we started an investigation that we have concluded now. It has brought us that more than half of the neighbors are against it and others like it. Now we will begin a participatory process to seek solutions with the neighbors. ”

The Barcala executive based his decision on the existing division in the neighborhood on the implementation of the ORA, as reflected in a survey commissioned by the local executive, according to which -as they add- the 50.9% of the residents of Carolinas Altas they are against the measure and 49.1% in favor. Specifically, it is men, young people and the elderly who mostly reject the immediate implementation of the ORA, while women and the middle-aged declare themselves more supportive.

At the end of June, when there was already a date for the start of the ORA zone in Carolinas and there were already streets painted blue, the municipal government had to react to the strong rejection of the neighborhood. Then it was learned that the implementation of the blue and orange zone in the streets of the Carolinas Altas neighborhood would have to wait. Although it was announced that the parking regulation system would be launched on July 1, at first without fines, the municipal government decided to temporarily paralyze the project after intensifying criticism among merchants and neighbors, who initiated a collection of signatures, which added thousands of supports.

Now, after the project was permanently suspended, it has been ordered to return the lines to their original state: in white. Any vertical marking relative to the blue and orange areas will also be removed. It will not be necessary to eliminate the parking meters, because they were never installed.


The Socialist Party of Alicante and the socialist municipal group have described today as “a success for the neighbors and for the merchants of Carolinas Altas themselves the suspension of the implementation of the ORA in various areas of this emblematic Alicante neighborhood.” Once again, as reported, “it is shown that Mr. Barcala’s lack of dialogue, his lack of empathy with neighborhood associations, businesses and other political forces, have led him to a resounding failure, as evidenced by the fact that the October 5, the edict of definitive suspension of the ORA will be published ”, according to the councilor and general secretary of the PSOE of Alicante, Miguel Millana.

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