Wednesday, December 8

The bipartite allocates € 125,000 for aid to extracurricular activities after rejecting € 500,000 of Education

And it is that to try to stop the controversy that arose in recent days after the new clash with the Ministry, the Councilor for Education, Julia Llopis, announced this Thursday that the City Council will promote a line of aid -not foreseen in the municipal budget- to promote extracurricular activities in city schools. Of course, this subsidy will be four times less than the one provided for Alicante by the department led by Vicent Marzà, since it will not exceed 125,000 euros. This is a similar amount to that received by municipalities such as Orihuela, with four times less population than Alicante.

“To me, with all due respect, what other municipalities do … Alicante has many more centers”



In addition to the economic difference, there are also changes between the two lines of aid for the extracurricular ones. The subsidy announced by the council will go directly to the Associations of Mothers and Parents of Students (AMPA) so that they are “effective from the beginning of the classes and not like those of the Consell, which barely reached 1.25% of the students to which they are destined because they are summoned very late, in August, and the procedures to dispose of the credit delay its start-up until the months of April, May and June, at the end of the course, “according to the mayor Llopis. The supposed little success of the activities promoted by the Alicante City Council during the past year school contrasts with the good reception that those promoted by other large municipalities had, as recognized by the local governments themselves.

Thus, with the decision that grants for extracurricular activities are managed directly by the parents’ associations of Alicante, the bipartisan responds to the request of the FAPA Gabriel Miró, the most critical with the policies of the Botanist.

On the other hand, the extracurricular They are not the only point of conflict between the bipartisan and the Ministry of Marzà. There is also the Edificant Plan, key to improving educational facilities. The mayor assured this Thursday that the City Council has been waiting two months for the Intervention of the Generalitat to intervene in the conflict between the bipartisan and the municipal auditor, which keeps the construction of two schools and improvements in three other schools blocked.

“The Ministry took the subsidy from the families to give it to the municipalities”



Sources of the autonomous body explained that a state law leaves in the hands of the General State Intervention, or in default in those dependent on the autonomous governments, the solution to these conflicts, as in Alicante by the Edificant. “We require your report on June 30 and now again for your administrative silence. They would have to respond in a month and two have passed», Said from the council. Sources close to the Intervention of the Generalitat assured that the technicians “are in it”, while emphasizing that they are an “independent” body, which is “on the sidelines of political battles.”

The councilor Llopis was not only the protagonist this Thursday for extracurricular activities, but also for dismissing the two directors of the nursery schools. In the meeting of the Board of Trustees, the three groups on the left again criticized the decision.

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