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The bipartite will enable seven spaces to turn Alicante into the «capital of the technology industry»

The ‘Future Territories’ will be a network of spaces for attracting talent



It is the Entrepreneurs Center on Cid Street, the Coworking of the «Vaíllo Space», The Lab Tossal, the Business Incubator«Prince philip», The future Gymnasium of Ideas of Seneca (in the old fire station on Italia street) and the Cigarreras. The bipartite intends to condition these six enclosures to accommodate the activities of the project, for which it has enabled an initial set of only 240,000 euros in the budget of the Local Development Agency on a recent credit modification.

The PP has given so much importance to the act that the mayor has not even attended



On the other hand, in a more ambitious action if possible, the municipal government intends to rehabilitate the old Aguamarga slaughterhouse to also include it in the “Territorios Futura” network. This project would require a budget of more than five million, which the local executive intends to finance with European aid. The spaces are distributed, according to the president of the Local Development Agency and Councilor for Employment, Mari Carmen from Spain, “As open places in which to undertake, innovate, train, interact and cooperate with other actors in the new urban and digital economy, consolidating entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems throughout our city.”

Virtual recreation of the slaughterhouse project.

The public presentation of the spaces that will host the activities related to «Alicante Futura», the digital strategy of the Alicante City Council, was not attended by the mayor, Luis Barcala, main supporter of the project. His absence caught the municipal opposition en bloc by surprise (except for Vox, who did not attend), who hoped that the councilor, as he appeared in the event’s program, would be in charge of explaining the “Future Territories Network.” That task fell, in the end, to the mayor of Spain.

An hour before the event in Puerta Ferrisa, Barcala was seen by the headquarters of the PP to participate in the vote to elect the next regional president of the party, where he shared conversations with Carlos Mazon. Municipal sources pointed out that in the end the mayor’s agenda was changed. In the media agenda, yes, it never appeared.

Alicante Futura is smoke in the head of Barcala, with a sad act as his government



His absence from the presentation of the spaces of “Alicante Futura” received criticism from the opposition, as well as the act for its content. Councilor Miguel Millana described the presentation of the Red de Territorios Futura as another “smoke sale”. “In fact, the PP has given so much importance to this presentation that the mayor himself has not even attended, when his presence was announced,” he said. For the socialist, if the future of the city has to depend on the “poor” presentation, the “situation is truly pathetic.”

We expected more from this act, which like ‘Alicante Futura’ has been soulless



For his part, for the spokesman for United We Can, Xavier López, “‘Alicante Futura’ continues to be smoke in the head of Barcala, with an act as sad as his government, which has dispatched in less than half an hour.” The Compromís spokesman, Natxo Bellido, was shown on the line. He did appreciate “positively that the City Council advances in the innovation strategy”, although he then emphasized that it continues to wait for “the gestures to pass to the facts, for example in the case of the old Slaughterhouse project and there is real coordination with the Digital District and other public and private actors to generate a true city strategy ”.

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