Monday, September 25

The Board approves the work of the Badajoz airport road for 10.4 million

Access road to Badajoz airport from the NV. / today

The works will have a term of execution of six months

John Soriano

The Junta de Extremadura has agreed to contract the construction works for the new access to the Badajoz airport from the NV for just over 10.4 million euros. The works will have a term of execution of six months, reason why its conclusion is estimated for the middle of next year.

The action consists of the adaptation of the BA-023 highway (more than 8.6 kilometers) and the section of direct access from it to the airport’s civil terminal (567 meters).

The BA-023 road connects at its beginning and end with the NV through roundabouts, surrounding the Badajoz airport to the north and allowing access to it from the east and west.

The project distinguishes two phases. The first would depart from the intersection with Balboa and the airport to the end of BA-023 in its connection with the NV. The second phase begins at the western intersection with the NV, at the height of the town of Villafranco del Guadiana, up to the Balboa-Airport intersection.

The spokesman for the Junta de Extremadura, Juan Antonio González, highlighted the regional government’s commitment to the Badajoz airport, which he considers fundamental “for the development of our region”, both for the tourism sector and for attracting investment.

On the other hand, the signing of an agreement with the Badajoz City Council has been authorized for the direct granting of aid for rehabilitation actions at the neighborhood level, within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, for nearly 1.7 million euros. euros.

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The purpose of this program is to finance rehabilitation works in predominantly residential buildings and dwellings, including single-family homes, and urbanization or redevelopment of public spaces. The objective is to achieve a reduction of at least 30% of non-renewable primary energy consumption, referring to energy certification.

In the Mobility area, the green light has also been given to an agreement with the City Council of Cáceres for the granting of a subsidy for the construction of two dissuasive car parks, financed with European recovery funds, for 1.3 million euros. They will be located on Avenida Pierre de Coubertin and in the Parc del Principe.

The contracting of rural road conditioning works for just over 2.7 million euros has also been authorized in the municipalities of Barrado, Bohonal de Ibor, Jerez de los Caballeros, Manchita, Peñalsordo-Zarza Capilla and Rosalejo.

Finally, the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Education and Employment and the Badajoz and Cáceres councils for the 2022 Municipal Economic Collaboration Program for Employment, endowed with 59 million euros, of which each provincial institution contributes 6 million euros. This plan finances 3,400 jobs.

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