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The Board increases the health transport budget by 21%

Ambulance and worker of the regional health transport service. / TODAY

The Governing Council approves the new tender for one year with four extensions

John Soriano

The Junta de Extremadura increases the provision of medical transport in the region by more than 21% to meet the increase in fuel and personnel costs. The Governing Council has today authorized the Extremadura Health Service (SES) to carry out this contracting with a view to the new successful bidder being able to start work in September.

This is the third attempt to permanently assign the management of the ambulances. After Tenorio left the management at the end of 2020 and the service was entrusted by the emergency route for a year, the contract went out to tender last summer for 154 million euros and lasted four years, but the Extremadura Legal Commission canceled the specifications.

After modifying the documentation, the period for submitting offers was opened again in January. This led to repeating the emergency tender for another year and a budget of 39.1 million until the main procedure was resolved.

But after a Supreme Court ruling that establishes that on-call personnel cannot perform more than 1,800 effective hours per year, with the consequent implication in labor relations and costs, the SES decided to suspend the tender. Now it is going out to tender again with an endowment of almost 47.5 million euros per year, 8.36 million more than the emergency contract now in force, which represents an increase of more than 21%.

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As already announced by the Board, the contract will last one year with the possibility of four extensions of another twelve months each. This is intended to gain flexibility in a service that, according to the spokesman for the regional government, Juan Antonio González, is considered “key to guarantee equal opportunities.”

González explained that the new contract not only takes into account the aforementioned ruling of the Supreme Court, but also the Social Security contribution and fuel costs have been revised. Likewise, the measures included in the decree-law approved by the Board for the improvement of quality in public procurement have been incorporated, with issues such as the increase in general expenses, the incorporation of a price review clause and the regulation about reckless casualties.

The Board’s spokesman has indicated that, if there are no resources against it, the contract could be awarded in a month and a half or two months. This would allow the new company to start operations in September. At that time the current emergency contract would be annulled.

For her part, the first vice president of the Board and Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Pilar Blanco-Morales, has announced the approval of the tender for nearly 11 million euros for a technical office aimed at promoting the digital modernization plan of the regional administration.

On the other hand, the Governing Council has also authorized the work of the new Infoex coordinating center in Cáceres, for an amount of 3.2 million euros, financed from the Next Generation funds. It will replace the current one, which is in Aldea Moret.

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A contract to improve rural roads in the towns of Mérida, Almendralejo, Cilleros, Cerezo, Palazuelo, Siruela and Villamiel has also been approved for 1.9 million euros.


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