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The Board intends to abolish 15 classrooms in concerted education next year

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The USO Teaching Federation has shown its “deep indignation and discomfort” at this measure, which they consider a new cut

The Board intends to abolish 15 classrooms in the Enseñanza concerted in Extremadura next year due to the drop in the birth rate. This was advanced by the Ministry of Education in the provincial commissions of educational concerts. Of the units that the regional Administration proposes to eliminate, ten belong to the province of Cáceres and five to that of Badajoz.

By levels, in the province of Badajoz four units in Primary and one in Secondary would be suppressed; while in Cáceres the closure would affect four Infant classrooms, five Primary and one ESO.

The USO Teaching Federation has shown its “deep indignation and discomfort” at this measure, which, if carried out, would mean the loss of some twenty jobs.

The union denounces that “there is no justification for this cut”, and they add that the Board always looks “to the concerted one when it is necessary to put the scissors, without taking it into account to equate the working conditions with the public teachers or provide it with resources to serve students with special educational needs. In this sense, it indicates that the Extremadura concerted organization has made 21 new requests for educational support classrooms to the Ministry, of which only 5 have been granted.

In addition, they believe that it is time to lower the ratios. “It is not understandable that there are still classrooms in Infant with 25 children and with 30 students in Secondary,” says Javier Monserrat, head of the USO Teaching Federation. “It would be necessary to take advantage of the drop in the birth rate to expand staff and thus offer better educational quality.”

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USO also regrets the denial of more than 15 support classrooms requested by the concerted party and «denied by the Administration. In this way, the Ministry makes it difficult for students with educational needs to receive the care they deserve in the center that their families have freely chosen.

From this union, the Ministry is required to rectify its decision and to “address the truly urgent and necessary issues that the concerted sector has, such as access to partial retirement, the excessive teaching load of teachers (25 hours) or labor and salary homologation».

Free choice of center

On the other hand, USO considers that this type of measure “hinders the free choice of educational model protected by the Constitution, since public and concerted education are complementary and are part of the same educational system.”

Decrease in the birth rate

It should be remembered that the school enrollment lists for 3-year-olds who will start Preschool in September show a worrying conclusion: around 40% of the places offered for the next course remain vacant.

The four main cities of the region (Badajoz, Cáceres, Plasencia and Mérida) offered 3,819 school places, of which only 2,326 were requested, according to data from the Ministry.

The lower number of children attending schools has only worsened in recent years. In the course that ends next week, 171,500 students started, from Infant to Vocational Training. They were 1,225 less than the previous year, a fall in the birth rate in the region that seems to have no brake.

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