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The Board sanctions the La Parrilla mine company with 5,000 euros

Aerial photo of the La Parrilla mine, with the raft to the right of the image. / TODAY

The fine is for not having environmental authorization and has other files for opening it and for a sludge pond without having the permits

Celestino J. Vinegar

W Resources, concessionaire through its subsidiary Iberian Resources Spain of the exploitation of La Parrilla, started up the mine without having several permits. It did so without having the required unified environmental authorization and built a sludge pond for the treatment process or minerals extracted without authorization from the Administration of Extremadura. These infractions have led to the opening of several sanctioning files by the Board and a first fine: 5,000 euros.

The mine, between the municipalities of Almoharín and Santa Amalia, has stopped its activity mainly due to financing problems, as this newspaper revealed this week. It accumulates debts with its staff – some 130 employees – and its suppliers. Also with Social Security, as they transfer to TODAY who are aware of the situation. To this we must add the fines that are beginning to be set by the regional government.

As confirmed by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, an administrative sanctioning procedure has been initiated against the La Parrilla concessionaire by the General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Mines. It opens “due to non-compliance with regulatory provisions on mining safety.” Specifically, for having put the mine into operation and selling its ore (tin and tungsten) “without the commissioning authorization and without having a unified environmental authorization.”

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To this is added having executed and used a sludge pond “without having the mandatory project authorization and commissioning authorization.”

The General Directorate of Sustainability, of the same ministry, already has the resolution of a disciplinary file against W Resources. It concludes with a penalty of 5,000 euros for not having the aforementioned unified environmental authorization. Production at La Parrilla began in November 2019.

This mining project is part of an exploitation concession that is valid for 90 years, until 2068. The Board reports that, however, in order to continue the mining work that was being carried out and expand some of the fronts in those who had been working, the company has to obtain the authorization and declaration of environmental impact, the exploitation concession at the same time and the authorization of the restoration plan.

“With this intention, the promoter has started the processing of the corresponding files” before the Ministry headed by Olga García. She points out that Ecological Transition has been doing “continuous monitoring of the status of the project in recent years.”

It has received 5.1 million public aid

The La Parrilla concessionaire has received 5,156,620 euros from the Junta de Extremadura based on the investments made to start up the operation. The Ministry of Economy explains to this newspaper that given the current situation, information has been requested in writing to “assess whether it affects the continuity of the activity as well as the rest of the requirements established in the granting of the subsidy.”

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