Thursday, December 7

The Board says that the ungulate control cages will continue to be used in Monfragüe

He defends that it is a completely legal mechanism and acknowledges that he will continue trying to punish the author of the videos

The Minister for the Ecological Transition and Sustainability of the Junta de Extremadura, Olga García, has pointed out that the ungulate control cages are a “completely legal” mechanism that will continue to be used in the Monfragüe National Park.

“If the PP government in Andalusia uses them in the Sierra de las Nieves park, why can’t they be used here?” García asked in response to a question from the PP formulated this Thursday in the plenary session of the Assembly of Extremadura on the use of cages in Monfragüe and a video warning of its consequences.

Thus, the counselor has considered that the PP in this matter “has made a horror movie twisting the facts, with the aim of attacking the management of the Monfragüe park over and over again, and has asked said party to stop “use said enclave for their partisan interests.”

«We trust the professionals of the park. The Prosecutor’s Office has said that there is no animal abuse«, he has pointed out about the video in question, about which Olga García has recognized that the Board will continue »trying to punish the author of the videos for committing infractions and also for pouring falsehoods«.

For his part, the PP deputy Laureano León has considered that the Board “has done the most frightening of ridiculousness by archiving” by the Prosecutor’s Office a video of a caged deer supposedly in Monfragüe, and has defended that “it is a true and real fact that in Monfragüe there are cages that produce a negative effect on the park’s own ungulates».

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In addition, he has affirmed that the Board is demonstrating incompetent management in Monfragüe because “they are not controlling the population with the method of trap cages, which is ineffective for all of them”, after which he has demanded that the management of said park change and that the competences on the same pass to another council different from that of Olga García.

“We believe that the council cannot be directed from Emilio Vargas street in Madrid and that the councilor should not obey orders issued from this address,” and has asked that all Extremadurans apologize for a false complaint and especially Fedexcaza for chase her.

He has also asked that the Board change the direction of the Monfragüie National Park and that the councilor ask for the rescue of the powers «so that they be exercised by another council, because »not only will it alleviate (Olga García) personally but because fundamentally it is going to be a benefit for all Extremadurans“, has sentenced Laureano León.

Citizen Question

In response to a question from Ciudadanos about the file by the Prosecutor’s Office of a complaint from the Junta de Extremadura for a video of a caged deer, Olga García has stated that the regional Administration “respects the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office but does not share the approaches that are reflected in said file nor, of course, the simplistic and biased interpretations” that some parties “have made of it”.

Thus, after emphasizing that lying and defaming cannot go free, the counselor has stressed that the file of the complaint does not speak of the management of the park, while defending that in the management of said park “there is nothing to hide” .

At the same time, after stating that “if the Prosecutor’s Office understands that there is no basis to go to the criminal phase, then that is how it will be”, although he added that the Board is going to continue with the administrative route because it understands that “infractions have been committed that threaten against the park and against the professionals who manage it».

For his part, the deputy of Citizens Fernando Baselga has considered that the Junta de Extremadura wanted to throw balls out about the use of trap cages by denying their existence, and “trying to kill the messenger of a video with a malnourished deer within the limit of the National Park”.

Baselga, at the same time, has affirmed that the current system of control of ungulates in Monfragüe with cages is ineffective, which has led to “serious consequences for the conservation of the park and the control of tuberculosis”. He has also argued that the Board must rectify why the cages are being misused in Monfragüe.

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