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The Board will invest more than 3.4 million in rehabilitating 170 social homes

Promotion of 140 social housing units in Nueva Ciudad that will be rehabilitated. / JM ROMERO

The action will consist of improving the thermal envelope of a 140-story development in Nueva Ciudad and another 30-story development in San Lázaro

John Soriano

The Ministry of Mobility, Transport and Housing of the Junta de Extremadura will allocate more than 3.4 million euros to the energy rehabilitation of 170 social flats in Mérida located in the neighborhoods of Nueva Ciudad and San Lázaro.

Mobility has launched a competition for the drafting of the projects necessary to undertake these improvements. The tender also affects promotions in Badajoz, Cáceres and Miajadas, although the most numerous intervention will be that of Mérida. In fact, of a global budget of nearly 530,000 euros, almost 40%, 210,000 euros, is dedicated to defining the works in the regional capital.

These works will specify the amount of the actions to be undertaken, but reference prices are already offered in the contract documentation. According to the specifications, the estimated cost per home is 13,890 euros of material execution budget. This represents almost 2 million euros for the works of New City and about 417,000 for the promotion of San Lázaro. But to that amount you have to add general expenses and industrial profit, and then VAT. Thus, spending will exceed 3.4 million euros.

The most outstanding action in the region will be the one that affects the 140 homes in the development located between Avenida de Portugal and Calle Luis Álvarez Lencero, in front of the Guadiana sports center facilities. The project for this work dates back to 1992.

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In San Lázaro, the intervention will be carried out in a corrala of 30 houses located between Jarandilla, Trujillo, Hervás and Buenavista streets and which was designed in 1987. It is the promotion in which a shooting occurred with two deceased in the year 2011.

Currently, the public company Urvipexsa has a similar project underway in a promotion of thirty homes located next to this other one, specifically in the block between Alcántara, Jarandilla, Trujillo and Buenavista streets. The budget is almost 1 million euros and the execution period is ten months.

Envelope Enhancement

In this case, the projects must propose the energy rehabilitation of the thermal envelope of the buildings, including premises and garages, if any, applying constructive solutions whose execution is preferably carried out from the outside. This would allow the tenants to continue living in the houses under normal conditions during the works.

The solution proposed for the rehabilitation of the facades has to eliminate the existing thermal bridges in the joints of the enclosures with the floors and with the pillars.

The exterior carpentry must be replaced by others that incorporate thermal break elements and solar protection systems, primarily fixed and with glazing in accordance with the orientations and geographical location of the buildings.

The roofs of the buildings are traditionally inclined. The designer must propose the most appropriate solution in energy and economic terms. Likewise, if necessary, the sanitary floor will have to be improved.

The specifications indicate that on many of the exterior enclosures of the houses, external units of air conditioning equipment have been installed. The projects must provide a technical solution for their relocation, incorporating a solution that improves the architectural composition of the façade.

Regarding the exterior downspouts, it is necessary to address a technical solution so that they do not become thermal bridges, providing an integrated solution. The proposal of passive solutions, such as fixed solar protections designed according to their orientation, which improve the behavior of the thermal envelope of the building and therefore result in an improvement in comfort, will be valued.

In the same way, improvements to the complex will be taken into account that address the problems that each building may present, such as outdoor clotheslines or others, and that contribute to offering a change of image of the building and therefore of the urban space. Finally, the use of construction solutions with a low carbon footprint will be valued, as well as the use of natural or recycled materials.

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