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The body found by a fishing boat in Xàbia belongs to a woman

General image of the port of Xàbia, where the fishing boat that found the body is based

General image of the port of Xàbia, where the fishing boat that found the body is based
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The body found yesterday 16 miles off the coast of Xàbia belongs to a woman. This has been determined by the coroner in the first inspection carried out upon arrival at the port of Moraira, after seven in the afternoon yesterday, and which today will be completed with the autopsy the body is being subjected to at the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) of Alicante. At the moment, there are no elements that allow their identification, so the Civil Guard has already begun to track complaints in all the autonomous communities with a coastline in the Mediterranean and it is not ruled out to extend this search to Italy and France. The Civil Guard has already verified that there are no reports of missing women in the last year in the Valencian Community in these circumstances, which reinforces that either it has arrived from one of the points mentioned, or the accident occurred while sailing on the high seas.

The first data suggest that the womanr it would take between two and three months at sea, given the advanced state of putrefaction and the deterioration of the body by the action of marine predators. For now, it has not emerged what the cause of death is, something that forensics will try to clarify during the necropsy.

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At the moment, the hypothesis that the agents of the Altea Judicial Police team, who have taken charge of the investigation, are considering is that the woman would have died while practicing un nautical sport, since he wore a neoprene suit full body and he wore a harness around his waist, such as the one used in certain disciplines, such as kitesurfing or water skiing. The jumpsuit he was wearing is from the water sports brand of a French multinational specialized in sportswear, with stores in Spain, France and Italy, but also in Algeria and Morocco.

The sighting occurred around one thirty yesterday afternoon. Was a fishing boat based in Xàbia who gave the alert, after realizing that it was a human body. The crew alerted the Maritime Traffic Service and gave the exact coordinates, but when they realized that the body was being dragged quickly, they navigated to its height and marked it with a buoy to facilitate the task of the Civil Guard.

It was the Rio Guadairo patrol boat, based in Torrevieja, who went to the indicated point and rescued the body, to then transfer it to land. A judicial commission and the agents of the Judicial Police were waiting for the body in the port of Moraira, where the patrol boat arrived at around seven thirty yesterday afternoon.

“We saw it by chance”

The crew was finishing eating when the skipper decided to go up on the bridge to take a look. “By chance,” as he later confessed to this newspaper, he saw a bundle floating in the sea. “It had legs and arms, but also at that moment we thought it could be a doll.” It was not. It was a corpse as the crew of the Xàbia fishing boat would later verify, shocked. The ship was sailing 16 miles from Cap de la Nau (15 miles out to sea) when the macabre discovery occurred.

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The boss indicated that he was struck by the paleness of his hands and feet and of his head. The body, floating upside down, was encased in neoprene. Only his limbs and head were sticking out. «It was very shocking. My heart beat faster, ”said one of the sailors. The skipper immediately notified the Maritime Traffic Service by radio. Ibiza station answered.

The fishing boat returned to that place after collecting the nets, but the body was no longer there. The current was moving him very fast. “We looked for him and we found him again,” said the boss, who was following instructions from the Civil Guard, while the agents began the journey from Torrevieja. Thus, once sighted again, the crew used a hook to bring the body closer. He hooked it up with the harness and attached a yellow buoy to it.

The skipper of the fishing boat noticed that where the body floated the south currents are very strong, which led him to venture that the body could have been seen dragged even from waters of the Strait of Gibraltar.

On April 17, a fishing boat from Calp already found another body, which was also in an advanced state of decomposition. In addition, on April 1, the Civil Guard recovered another body on the beach of es Figueral, in Ibiza. He was wearing a wetsuit and had been at sea for many days.

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