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the Bolivarian left takes a breath sheltered by Zapatero

The call Puebla Group, which brings together dozens of left-wing leaders in Latin America, has closed its seventh meeting in Mexico with a roadmap to achieve a change of great relevance and imminent in the American continent: an almost complete domination of the left, which already aspires to also prevail in Chile and Brazil and, does not rule out Colombia, after decisive victories in other countries. This group also supports Mexico’s project to create a new multilateral representative body to replace the Organization of American States, whose headquarters are in Washington.

At this meeting of the Puebla Group, 150 leaders from Spain and America were present, among which stand out, above all,

ex-presidents. Apart from the former president of the Government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, They have visited Mexico Juan Carlos Wallet, former secretary of the Constituent Process and the Podemos Program; and Gerardo Pisarello, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona until 2019. The judge convicted of prevarication Baltasar Garzón He virtually intervened expressing his concern about corruption and judicial independence, as a member of the Latin American Council for Justice and Democracy (CLAJUD), which in turn was created two years ago by the Puebla Group.

Zapatero has become a sort of link between the Latin American left, especially because of the support he has from the Chavista regime for his good harmony with Nicolás Maduro and his most intimate circle. In his various interventions before the Puebla Group, which was founded in 2019, he has defended the need to put the United States “in an impossible situation” by approaching, among others, China, which is decisively entering the markets of Latin American investments.

In his speech before this first face-to-face meeting of the Puebla Group on the pandemic, Zapatero congratulated himself on the advance of the left on the continent. «Xiomara Castro will be the first president of Honduras in history. It is very important news, very important in Central America, which is always facing so many social problems, “he said, before offering his support to the Chilean candidate Gabriel Boric in the second round of the presidential elections that will take place in Chile this month. Zapatero said that a triumph of the conservative Jose Antonio Kast it would return Chile to a time that “hurts and moves us,” in reference to the dictatorship.

The letter from Brazil

At the meeting the Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who predicted the return of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, from his own Workers Party, to power in Brazil, as a guarantee to stop “neofascism.” According to Zapatero, “Lula’s victory in Brazil will change the continent and the international order and hopefully it will lead to a close alliance between Mexico and Brazil with two progressive presidents at such a historically decisive moment.”

The elections in Brazil will take place in a year. Like López Obrador in Mexico, Lula has resisted condemning the human rights abuses of dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela.

This newspaper was able to speak with members of Zapatero’s environment during his visit to Mexico, and they said that the former president addressed issues such as the rate of vaccination in Spain and the alarming number of “deniers” of vaccines. Zapatero also told his interlocutors that the Spanish coalition government is in good health and has a good relationship having reached an agreement on the budgets for next year “so the legislature has been settled in parliament and there will be no surprises.” In this way, he gave the Latin American left the guarantee that they will have reliable partners in power in Spain at least until the end of 2023.

Regarding the Spanish opposition, Zapatero has declared in Mexico that “the right is right-wing, mobilized and, in short, very negative in everything. Not like the Latin American right, but it is becoming similar, “he said.

Zapatero also attended an act of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), the party of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López. The meeting brought together Rousseff, the former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, the president of Paraguay until 2012 and current senator, Fernando Lugo, and the former secretary general of Unasur and president of Colombia until 1998, Ernesto samper. Zapatero preferred to summon ABC to a closed interview with five journalists, of whom only three were allowed to ask questions.

Former Colombian President Ernesto Samper expressed in this forum that more “progressive winds” are approaching in the elections in Chile and Brazil. He also predicted the rise of the left in the elections in Colombia in 2022 because, he said, “we are not only risking democracy but life, the difference between peace and war.”

Change of rules

Rodríguez Zapatero has been promoting a change in the OAS for months, which he accuses of having alienated excessively with the United States.As this newspaper learned, in several conversations a year ago in Madrid the idea of unseat the current secretary general, Luis Almagro.

Several participants from the Puebla Group defended the idea, also advanced by López Obrador in Mexico, to create a new body parallel to the OAS. According to the Chilean politician Marco Enriquez Ominami In an interview with Efe, “the OAS carried out a coup in Bolivia and it cannot leave for free, people died. What Mexican diplomacy has done is a robust approach: we have to renew that. The Chilean politician refers to the resignation and flight of Evo Morales after the OAS observation mission revealed irregularities in the electoral count of the 2019 presidential elections.

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