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The Botànic arrives divided at the budget vote for the fiscal pact with Toni Cantó

The leader of Ciudadanos, Toni Cantó, yesterday as he left the Palau after the meeting with Puig.

The leader of Ciudadanos, Toni Cantó, yesterday as he left the Palau after the meeting with Puig.

24 hours after the final vote on the sixth budget of the botanical era, the Valencian left arrives divided over a possible tax agreement with Ciudadanos that would allow an unprecedented fact in regional politics: that a party in the opposition, in this case the one that leads Toni Cantó, give his support to the accounts of the Consell. The Valencian would also be the first autonomy governed by the left where this circumstance would occur.

Socialists and Citizens are willing to agree. The leader of Cs visited the Palau de la Generalitat yesterday for the fourth time in two months and both parties ratified that they are on the path of the pact. The agreement in the budgets is already a fact after the Botànic has accepted the covid fund of 76 million that Citizens requested, but not in the Law of Fiscal Measures, known as the Accompaniment Law.

However, Compromís and Unides Podem, partners of the Botànic, disagree and it is not easy for them to move from the rejection of the fiscal pact with Cantó because, in their opinion, it attacks two basic premises, the fiscal progressivity and the collection capacity of the Generalitat. Neither is willing to move.

Although the division in the Botànic exists, it will not entail a break in the unity of the vote. The PSPV will try to attract its partners to the agreement with Cs, but in no case will it vote differently.

The partners don’t just disagree with the tax deal. Nor are they for the work of putting a pact on a tray for the Socialists that allows them to show their chest for the support of 70 percent of the chamber, which would reinforce the pactist image of the head of the Consell. And especially Podem seeks to remove Ciudadanos from the agreement, as happened in Congress where the purple coalition reinforced the majority of Sánchez’s inauguration by removing Cs.

Upset with so many encounters

Nor does Compromís and Unides Podem like the scenography, that is, the continuous meetings between the president and Cantó. Sources of the Valencian coalition described yesterday as disrespectful that both leaders met in the Palau to try to close the budget agreement when that is a competition of the parliamentary groups, a speech in the line of that marked by the vice president, Mónica Oltra, who recalled that where you vote is in the Cortes. Deputies from Compromís privately launched harsh words yesterday against Cantó and Puig’s morning meeting. In Unides Podem they did not hide the discomfort that the situation has caused, although their leaders measured their words.

For his part, the leader of Ciudadanos, who yearns for the yes because it reinforces his account of a useful party that manages to lower taxes on citizenship that charges less than 50,000 euros per year, said yesterday that there were only fringes to close and that the Botànic in full he is predisposed to agreement. The second statement is half true. Only the PSPV is predisposed, in no case the partners.

The socialist Catalan Ombudsman, Manolo Mata, highlights that there is support for the budget of seventy percent of the chamber, although in the Accompaniment Law, where the fiscal proposal of Cs is negotiated, that agreement does not exist.

Mata values ​​that Cs no longer question the Estate or Inheritance taxes, which is “a spectacular advance”, although he said that the proposal in the personal income tax tranches “is difficult to assume, because it would also mean a reduction to the highest incomes” , although “there are variations.” The socialist Catalan Ombudsman admits that they would like to “convince” their partners, but if they do not succeed, it will not be a “reason for the Botànic to break up.”

“At the moment we cannot have an agreement,” said the Catalan Ombudsman, Fran Ferri. “We have not received any proposal in which the impact on the collection of the reform we have made is zero,” he summarized.

Unides Podem’s trustee, Naiara Davo, also stated that any tax proposal must improve progressivity and maintain current collection.

The PP trustee, Isabel Bonig, indicated that neither enters nor leaves the political strategy of “a group in extinction”, in reference to Citizens, but remembers that the budgets were going to be approved the same with the votes of the Botànic.

The popular people privately regret that Cantó’s strategy reinforces the head of the Consell.

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