Monday, October 18

The Botànic boasts of unity and stability while the right wing bleeds

The weekly appearances of the Vice President of the Generalitat, Monica Oltra, after the plenary session of the Consell on Fridays, they have served for months, especially in a pandemic, to take the pulse of the Valencian tripartite. It is no secret that the regional spokesperson He has not hesitated to intensify the noise against his own Government from the disagreements, Mainly between the PSPV and the Valencianists, on account of the restrictions due to the coronavirus. Now, on the other hand, although there is still friction on account of the need to establish sanitary limitations, it has been decided to wash the dirty laundry at home and build a cohesive discourse.

Yesterday, the spokesperson for the ConselHe admitted that in the meeting of the Interdepartmental last Thursday there was, in his own words, “diversity of proposals and visions” on what steps had to be taken to shore up the de-escalation after the third wave of infections, the most serious in the Community. At that meeting, Compromís defended the need to keep the interior spaces of the hotel industry closed or, in any case, open only the establishments without an exterior terrace, as long as they could resume economic activity. And, although the position defended by the president, Ximo Puig, and, ultimately, by the councilor Ana Barceló was finally adopted, Oltra yesterday preferred not to make blood, not to air those details and to maintain an institutional role, calling for prudence and social responsability.

It was when he was asked if he was concerned about the possible approach of Cs to the PSOE and its possible repercussions in the Community when the also Minister of Equality and Inclusive Policies said that this is something that “He is not concerned.” Neither to her, nor to the Consell. The first, because at this time the Valencian Courts “have the composition that they have”, in reference to the arithmetic of the parliamentary groups. And, secondly, because the Botànic is a “stable, solid and serious” government, she stated emphatically. So much so that, he stressed, the tripartite is now allowed to look towards Murcia «from the solvency that gives that stability, or what is the same, “From the strength that comes from having understood from the beginning the importance of plurality, of collective intelligence at the service of a common project and of a project that puts people at the center.”

Another of the palpable proofs that Puig and Oltra have reinforced their will to row in the same direction are the control sessions of the president in the Cortes. There, in the hemicycle, the two leaders have been taking turns speaking in the replies to the main opposition group, the PP, whose attacks transcend the political plane to often focus on the personal sphere.

Nobody claims that the tensions within the Botànic have disappeared, far from it, but now, and at least for the moment, It is intended that they stay in the offices.

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