Saturday, November 27

The Botànic closes ranks around the health reversal in Torrevieja

Barceló’s appearance took place in the Health Commission of the Cortes, specifically, in the framework of a session that was convened at his own request. The councilor wanted to offer explanations on an issue that has fueled the political confrontation for months, also in the coalition itself. Botanist, and that now faces its final stretch. Far is the train crash between Commitment and United We Can against the PSPV on account of the controversial public company defended by the Socialists to take over the Torrevieja staff, a project that never saw the light but that brought out the internal battle; one more. Now, on the other hand, the left-wing coalition projects a common argument regarding how to dismantle private management and does so in the face of an opposition to the right that continues to label the road map as “improvised” and the decision as “sectarian.”

The head of Health dedicated most of her main address and her turns of reply to lashing out at the company itself and against the popular brand without offering significant details about the decree for the incorporation of workers – which will be signed in the next few days under the formula of the workforce to be extinguished-, or on what will be the main changes in the operating system, for example, in relation to the portfolio of services. He insisted, of course, that nine days after the reversion, the company has not even provided the workers’ labor data or the access codes of certain systems, although it tried to make an effort to transmit tranquility, stating that there will be no problems due to lack of personnel. In fact, 6,000 people have signed up for the specific job bank.

The Generalitat has fought a complex legal battle against the concessionaire, which has filed a battery of appeals to try to paralyze the process and which has systematically lost. It is the result, according to Barceló, of concession documents that lacked “control mechanisms” and led to “interpretative gaps”. However, the councilor assured that the method applied to execute the transfer is well tied and stated that the Consell has an economic and welfare report that supports the reversal; documents that the Ministry declined to reveal yesterday. He stressed that of course it is an ideological decision, that of a government that champions public management, a coalition to which Barceló thanked the support.

From the opposition bench, José Juan Zaplana (PP), stressed that the department will lose 300 workers after the reversal and the Consell “still does not know if it will hire personnel.” He asked “what will happen to the decree, when will it be approved, what happens to the workers’ collective agreement or the selection process of the management team, as well as the subcontracted companies that offer services.” From Cs, Fernando Llopis questioned “if this reversal is worth it” when now it means “less money and has better results.” He compared it to the process in La Ribera, which he said was “an extra cost of 76 million and a 25% increase in the waiting list.” However, and against all odds, he said that once the decision to revert has been made, the concessionaire must deliver the required data and that Barceló will have him “by his side so that the transition is orderly.” Vox was opposite: the Health roadmap “is based on lies.”

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