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The British Minister of Tourism encourages the public to plan their summer holidays in the United Kingdom



The British Minister of Tourism, Nigel Huddleston, on Monday encouraged the population to planning your summer holidays within the UK, statements that reignited the alarms about whether the government will extend the ban on traveling outside the country to the months of July and August as a measure to prevent the entry of new variants of Covid-19 that put the vaccination campaign at risk, a measure that it would undoubtedly affect Spain, the main holiday destination of the British. According to Huddleston, who stressed that “caution” is essential at this time, the Executive is analyzing the options and a special group on travel is expected to make its recommendations known next week.

“We will be very attentive to what is happening both in the EU and in other parts of the world,” said the minister precisely the same day that the law prohibiting travel abroad without a “reasonable excuse” has entered into force and in which fines of up to 5,000 pounds (almost 5,800 euros, approximately) are provided for offenders. At first, the ban will be in effect until June 30, although it could be brought forward to May 17 or extended into the summer, decisions to be made “based on scientific evidence.”

The Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, expressed for his part on the ITV network that Brits ‘should be looking forward’ to ‘a great holiday here’ He added: “I’m sure we’re going to have a great British summer.” For Hancock, the priority is to protect the recovery achieved thus far from a new wave of the outbreak, but he said that the door to a holiday in other countries is “not yet closed”.

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The idea of ​​not leaving British territory is supported by different scientists, such as Anne Johnson, professor of epidemiology at University College London, who stated on a Radio 4 program that “one of the greatest risks” of traveling abroad “is the appearance of new variants “that can enter the UK, as well as” we know we had new variants here that we export abroad. Also Mark Walport, former chief scientific adviser to the Government, agrees with the idea of ​​staying in the British Isles: “Right now, in many countries in Europe the cases are increasing: there are 36,000 cases a day in France, 16,000 in Germany , 22,000 in Italy … the numbers speak for themselves ». The government is also evaluating the implementation of a traffic light-type system of countries to which it may or may not be possible to travel, once the borders are open, depending on the level of risk they pose, different from the air corridor system used the previous summer.

On the other hand, The United Kingdom recorded its lowest number of deaths from Covid-19 in seven months, with 19 in total: one in Wales and 18 in England. Of these, none were in London, where for the first time in six months no one died from the disease.

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