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The British Royal House expresses its “concern” over accusations of racism by Harry and Meghan | International

Queen Elizabeth II, last July, at Windsor Castle.
Queen Elizabeth II, last July, at Windsor Castle.CHRIS JACKSON / AFP

The pressure has been unbearable, and Elizabeth II has had to skip her long-standing habit of ignoring any controversy aired in the media. Buckingham Palace has expressed its “concern” on Tuesday at the accusations of racism made by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in their interview with the American journalist, Oprah Winfrey, and has promised that the matter will be dealt with “privately by the family.” . The crisis unleashed in the Monarchy has divided the British generational and ideologically and caused a severe blow to the reputation of the institution.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said a member of the Royal Family expressed fear that the baby the couple was expecting – today little Archie, one year old – would have too dark a skin tone. The statements put the House of Windsors in the eye of the hurricane, and have caused a huge division in British society between those who demanded a forceful clarification of what happened and those who accused Markle of having maliciously inflated an anecdote.

“The whole family has shown their sadness to know in all their breadth how challenging the last years have been for Enrique and Meghan. The issues raised, in particular that of race, are very worrying. Although memories of what happened may vary, we take them very seriously and will be discussed privately by the family. Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be very dear members of this family, ”said a spokesman for Buckingham Palace.

The British Royal House was thus trying to reduce the pressure of the last hours, not only in the United Kingdom but throughout the world. Public opinion in the United States, where the interview was broadcast earlier, has overwhelmingly supported the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and responded with irritation to accusations of racism. In some countries of the Commonwealth (Commonwealth of Nations) voices have emerged that rethink the relationship with the British Crown. And UK society itself has been divided on this. The express survey conducted by YouGov reflects that 32% of citizens believe that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been well treated by the royal family, compared to another 32% who believe otherwise. The alarming thing is that, among those surveyed between 18 and 24 years old, it is 61% who are positioned in favor of the couple. Practically the reverse of what happens with those over 65. A clear sign that the rupture caused by the Dukes of Sussex has brought to light not only an ideological but also a generational division around the monarchy. Only Queen Elizabeth II, 94, retains a popularity that other members of the royal family have been losing.

The newspaper The Times He assured this Monday that the Buckingham Palace communication team proposed to the queen that she respond as soon as possible to the incident with a conciliatory statement. The monarch, according to the newspaper, refused to give in to the rush and asked for more time to reflect on the matter. He could not resist for more than a few hours, before an issue that has monopolized public debate and information in the media.

The next few hours will be decisive to see if the response from Buckingham Palace is enough to temper spirits. The Labor opposition has called for a public inquiry into alleged episodes of racism that “have no place in the UK in the 21st century.” “All of this is above the royal family. We have been looking the other way to these issues for many years, “said opposition leader Keir Starmer on Monday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson avoided the controversy at first. “I have the greatest admiration for the queen and her unifying role for the country,” Johnson said Monday. “As for other royal family matters, I have not discussed them for a long time and I do not intend to deviate from that position.” However, in the last hours the unrest in the conservative ranks increased, and Downing Street has allowed, without doing anything to disapprove them, that some of the Government positions were exhausted. “The bomb has not fallen on Buckingham Palace, but on Enrique’s family. Enrique is causing his whole family to explode, ”Secretary of State for the Environment, Zac Goldsmith, wrote on Twitter.

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