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The British woman who joined Daesh in Syria will help fight terrorism if she returns to the UK

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When she was only 15 years old, and along with two other friends, also teenagers, the young British woman of Bangladeshi descent Shamina Begum He decided to leave his native London to, via Istanbul, reach Syria and once there, join Daesh (Islamic State). It was February 2015, and her high school classmates left with her Kadiza Sultana y Amira Abase, 16 and 15 years old respectively. The first apparently died in a bombing, while the fate of the second is unknown. But Begum, one of the best known “jihadist brides” (young women who left their countries of birth and raising to join the organization), wants to return to British territory, and has even offered to the government of Boris Johnson their experience to collaborate in the fight against terrorism. This was expressed this Wednesday on the Good Morning Britain program, of the ITV network, where he appeared before the cameras from a Syrian refugee camp. Addressing the prime minister directly, he declared: “I think it could be of great help to you in your fight against terrorism because obviously you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“At that time I did not know that (the so-called Islamic State) was a cult of death”

“I know that some people, no matter what I say or do, will not believe that I have changed, they will not believe that I want to help,” he assured, “but for those who have at least a drop of mercy, compassion and empathy in their hearts, they will I say from the bottom of my heart that I regret every decision I have made since entering Syria and will live with it for the rest of my life. With her long, flowing hair, painted nails and wearing a cap instead of a veil, Begum apologized to the British people and explained that when she left the UK she only intended to marry, have children and “live a simple and pure Islamic life.” “At that time I did not know that (the so-called Islamic State) was a cult of death, I thought I was joining an Islamic community.”

The young woman was found in a refugee camp by a journalist from the newspaper ‘The Times’ in 2019, when she was pregnant with her third child, after having married the Dutchman Yago Riedjik, converted to Islamism and later locked up in prison. The then Minister of the Interior and current Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, decided to withdraw her nationality for security reasons, but in July last year, the Court of Appeals ruled that the young woman should be allowed to return to the United Kingdom to present her case, which was in turn appealed by the Home Office , which argued before the Supreme Court that allowing him to return to the UK “would create significant risks to national security.” Last February, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Begum will not be able to set foot on British soil again.

“The Government’s Priority Remains Maintaining National Security and Protecting the Public”

Speaking to the BBC, the young woman, whose three children died, assured that she “hates herself” and that she could be “useful to society”, and justified that it would be a waste to let her “rot” in the camp where she lives . In addition, it defended that “there is no evidence” that it was a key element in the planning of terrorist attacks, and that it is prepared to prove your innocence in British courts, although he would agree to ‘go to prison’ if he so decided in a ‘fair trial’.

The government, however, is not willing to give in. Javid told the local press that “no one will allow him to return” and that his decision to strip Begum of British citizenship was “morally correct” and “also legally correct”, as well as adequate “to protect the British people”. “The government’s priority continues to be to maintain national security and protect the public,” said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry.

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