Tuesday, October 19

The brother-in-law of Bárcenas says that Lapuerta “had the last word” in the works of the headquarters of the PP

The former head of PP security, Antonio de la Fuente, Luis Bárcenas’ brother-in-law, in a file image.

Several witnesses linked to PP have denied in the trial by box b that the former treasurer of the party, Álvaro Lapuerta, when Luis Bárcenas was manager, already showed signs of dementia, as assured by the defendant Cristóbal Páez, who worked with both as deputy to the Management .

On this fifth day of the trial, witnesses began to parade, most of them PP workers when the events that are being resolved occurred, mainly if the reform of the headquarters of the PP in Genova street between 2005 and 2010 was paid in black.

Cristóbal Páez was the one who introduced the suspicion about Lapuerta’s state of health at that time by assuring that when he went to work as an assistant to Management with Bárcenas, he already saw the then treasurer “very old” and with certain signs of “insanity.”

The architect Gonzalo urquijo, owner of the company that made the reform, said Lapuerta had a “significant” degree of dementia to deny that he had participated in a meeting with him where they agreed to pay for part of the works in b, thus denying the version that Bárcenas gave.

Bárcenas, for his part, maintains that everything he did with respect to box b or reform was by order of Lapuerta, who was the one who had the money that entered the party.

Jesús Santos, the lawyer who represents the PP, whom the Prosecutor’s Office demands civil responsibility as a profit-sharing participant, has taken advantage of the presence of witnesses who at that time were working in the party to ask them how they saw Lapuerta.

“When they happened to sign things, this man fell asleep“said Luis Molero, then in charge of the party’s cash department, who later clarified that despite being an” older “man, he had” a perfect head. ”

His partner in the box, who has also declared, despite having almost no relationship with Lapuerta has ruled out that he was “senile” and stressed that he had “a fairly fluid conversation.”

“He was a very nice man, very cultured and with his head in the right place”, has also responded to Santos Antonio de la Fuente, Bárcenas’ brother-in-law and who worked together in the Management.

In what these same witnesses have also agreed, including his brother in law -who has assured that they have never discussed his “famous roles” – is to describe Bárcenas as a “hermetic”, “introverted”, “distant” and “of few words” person and with broad economic powers in the party.

They have confirmed that they were in control of economic issues, and the ex-person in charge of the box has affirmed that “99%” of the time it was he who gave him the money of the donations, which could be from 50,000 to 100,000 euros, to enter them in the bank.

Molero and his partner have confirmed that they were given this money already divided into envelopes and that, although they knew they were donations, they did not know who they came from. “He would tell me: ‘Enter it in three entries’. Which I did calmly and go away”Molero has said.

In the same day, they have said, they could make several income of amounts that could range between 6,000 and 15,000 euros, never much more, and that they considered that they were not doing anything illegal. “They gave me orders and I carried them out,” said Molero; “I did what they ordered me to do,” added the one who worked alongside him.

To questions from the prosecutor, Molero has admitted that Bárcenas could ask him for some money from the box on occasion, but never large amounts such as those reflected in their papers, because “these amounts have never been in the box.”

In the same sense, a party auditor has spoken, who has denied that it is possible to “silence a cash outflow of those amounts” and has defended that “Mr. Bárcenas followed the party’s operating rules more than anyone else.” Is it going to happen to the manager to go to get money, to put money in the official box? It is impossible, “he assured.


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