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The brother of the cyclist run over in Fuente de Cantos gathers 86,500 signatures to toughen the penalties

Pablo Martín Vázquez lost his life after being run over by a driver who tested positive for alcohol and drugs


The brother of a hit-and-run victim who died on March 22 has collected more than
86,500 signatures in one month on the platformto demand that the penalties for homicide be tougher when the drivers who cause it test positive for drugs or alcohol.

«My brother Pablo was 43 years old and had two children. He has died after being run over by a driver who had used drugs and alcohol and who has spent a ridiculous one-month sentence in jail,” explains Ismael Martín Vázquez in the petition.

The family of Pablo Jesús, who died on March 22 in Badajoz, requests that the Penal Code be modified “to toughen the penalties for homicides caused by drivers as a result of their drug or alcohol use” and “that the penalties of these criminals be fully apply.

According to the promoter of the collection of signatures, the driver who ran over his brother, “did not stay to help the victims, who were still alive, but left there dragging his brother’s bike” from his car. He later tested positive for drugs and alcohol.

His brother died two days later “from the fatal injuries caused by the brutal impact,” he says. “At 43 years old, he has left his wife a widow and his orphans a 14-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy,” he adds.

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For his part, the driver, who got behind the wheel having consumed drugs and alcohol, has spent a month in jail and was released on the same day that Pablo’s death was a month old.

“It is not fair that a death like my brother’s be so absurdly cheap for the person who caused it. Nor that this has happened with hundreds of victims and we continue the same », he remarks.

other requests

His campaign in favor of modifying the Penal Code joins the movement created previously by the relatives of other victims such as María José Jiménez, creator of the ‘Justice for Iván’ campaign and mother of a 15-year-old boy who lost his life in Madrid after a run over; the family of Paula Fornés, who also died at the age of 15 due to a hit-and-run in Mallorca, or that of Leire, a 5-year-old girl who died in July 2021, the victim of a hit by a driver who “almost quadrupled the level of alcohol allowed to drive a motor vehicle.

In all cases, the drivers tested positive for drugs or alcohol and family members began collecting signatures in favor of a change in the Penal Code to toughen penalties for roadside homicides after testing positive for drugs or alcohol.

In September 2018, they delivered their signatures jointly before the Congress of Deputies and some of the relatives, given the new cases and the absence of changes, plan to return to Congress soon to deliver them again.

“This time, bad luck fell on him, but if we don’t take urgent measures, it will happen again, and tomorrow the victims could be any of us or our relatives. Yes, we have time to avoid more tragedies and suffering », concludes Ismael Martín Vázquez in the text of his petition.

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