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the brotherhood of La Soledad de Santa María presents the official Bicentennial book

The image of the Soledad de Santa María de Alicante, in a procession

The image of the Soledad de Santa María de Alicante, in a procession
Hector Fuentes

La Real and Very Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Soledad de Santa María presents this afternoon her official book “Sancta Maria, which is published on the occasion of re-founding bicentennial of this dedication so deeply rooted in Alicante. Many professionals from the world of culture have contributed to this work, with just over 400 pages, directed by the professor José Iborra Torregrosa, doctor in Social Anthropology from the University of Murcia and member of the commission of Ethnology and popular culture of the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture. The event will begin at 6.30 pm and el MACA assembly hall, in Alicante, with a representation of ecclesiastical, civil and military authorities, members of the Valencian Courts and the Alicante City Council, as well as members and guests of Holy Week, and offers a faithful testimony of the history and culture of this brotherhood centennial, as explained by the entity of Holy Week. The act was chaired by elder sister president Balbina Oncina, and the presentation was given by Iborra, director of the official book, and the dean of the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture, José Luis Manglano.

La Soledad de Santa María “is a clear expression of the religious and cultural dimension of Holy Week. Its brotherhood is one of the oldest emblematic corporations in the city, whose origins date back to the seventeenth century in the Parish Church of Santa María But it was on April 9, 1819 when the image of Solitude of Santa María was restored in Holy Week when the Procession of the Holy Burial “explained Torregrosa.

Given its ecclesial nature, he adds, this centennial brotherhood that closes since 1819 the Official Procession of Good Friday It has been meeting its commitments throughout the year: spiritual formation, social action, protection of its artistic heritage and, also, cultural commitment. “In recent decades, the brotherhood has made progress in the recovery and increase of its tangible and intangible heritage, and all this from the conviction to preserve and transmit cultural values ​​that are part of the historical legacy of Alicante. This book is his best testimony ”, declared Iborra.

The commemorative book, whose motto is “Sancta Maria”, constitutes a “serious and rigorous work in which research, recovery and dissemination of the cultural universe of this religious corporation has prevailed”. The section of the institutional writings of the highest personalities is preceded by the Apostolic Blessing of the Pope Francisco and the letter and photograph of Their Majesties the Kings of Spain. The institutional section accompanies him with the honorary appointments granted last year by the Royal Household and the Bishopric of Orihuela-Alicante, as well as the nominal relationship of the members that make up the governing board, the honor committee and the scientific committee.

The bulk of the publication is dedicated to different studies of an interdisciplinary nature that address the history of the dedication and the brotherhood of Alicante. The contributions on the origins of the religious image stand out; the historical evolution of the brotherhood and its solemn procession; the rich trousseau and jeweler, which is the oldest of Holy Week; and the study on chemical analysis of dorado and the characterization of the base support of the original carving.

Scientific collaborations are followed by three closely related sections. The first entitled “Insert” is dedicated to the graphic memory of the commemorative activities and events held last year. Next, highlight the section “Know how to hear” which is destined to the Marian insignia of the half moon offered by his waitress María de la Concepción Torregrosa in honor of the Virgen de la Soledad. It is a rigorous study on the symbolism, theology and art of this artistic element, which is the only one that bears a Marian image during Holy Week in Alicante. Finally, the section on “Art and heritage” that includes the two ceramic altarpieces discovered on the occasion of the Bicentennial.

The last sections echo the proclamation of Holy Week, pronounced by the founder and president of Messengers of Peace, the father Ángel García, and the interview with the older waitress, María de la Concepción Torregrosa, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of your generous contribution to the brotherhood. The book ends with the memory of the commemorative events.

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