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The brotherhoods of Badajoz will take 10,000 people to the streets in Holy Week with a Magna Procession

The Christ of the Descent in the Plaza de la Soledad in the Magna Procession of 2017. / today

The Association of Brotherhoods guarantees that there will be enough costaleros to put 12 steps on the street on Good Friday

Evaristo Fdez de Vega

With a Magna Procession that will bring together 12 steps and more than 3,000 participants in the same parade, the program for Holy Week in Badajoz 2022 has been presented this Thursday, a Festival of National Tourist Interest that is being organized as normally as possible.

The details have been advanced in a press conference held in the Archbishopric of Mérida-Badajoz in which the Archbishop, Celso Morga, has taken part; the mayor, Ignacio Gragera; the president of the Association of Brotherhoods, Cayetano Barriga; and the episcopal delegate of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods, Pedro Fernández Amo.

The president of the brotherhoods has explained that the parades will begin on the Saturday before Palm Sunday with the exit of the image of Dulce Nombre through the neighborhood of Cerro de Reyes and will conclude on Easter Sunday with the procession of the Risen One.

In those nine days, the brotherhoods expect to gather some 10,000 people in their parades, a figure that includes Nazarenes, costaleros and penitents who take an active part in the processions. “There will be enough costaleros”, Cayetano Barriga has guaranteed when talking about the needs of bearers that there will be every day, especially in the Magna, which every five years brings together up to 12 different steps in the street.

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From the Association of Brotherhoods, 4,100 antigen tests have already been distributed among the crews with which it is intended to guarantee that all the people who stand under the steps are negative in covid. Likewise, the compulsory vaccination certificate will be required of all bearers, who will be distributed in “bubble groups”.

Regarding other possible measures that could be taken for health reasons, Cayetano Barriga has asked to wait for the health authorities to rule, so it is still unknown if the steps will have skirts.

In the rehearsals that are being carried out, all the costaleros are wearing a mask and it has been decided that there will be no rehearsals in the two weeks prior to Palm Sunday. In addition, one of the rehearsals will coincide with the transfer of the steps to the temples to minimize the risk of contagion.

In Holy Week 2022, an expanded official career will be established again in the Plaza de España with 850 chairs and the brotherhoods will make a penance station in the Cathedral.

The programming is completed with the VIII Exhibition of monumental diorama and diorama of passion between March 25 and April 17 at the Luis de Morales City Museum, also home to the V Exhibition of miniature steps of Holy Week and of a model of a procession in the Plaza de la Soledad. There will be a brother photography contest and also an Easter school drawing contest for 5th and 6th grade students.

For the mayor of Badajoz, everything announced this Thursday is a sign of the vigor of a festival that he considers essential for a city that “sinks its roots in Christian humanism” and has one of its most important festivals in Holy Week.

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“It is a festival of enormous cultural and historical significance,” stressed the archbishop, who recalled that the core of Holy Week for Christians is to relive the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“In this very special year, the Magna Procession will serve us to thank God because it seems that we are finally beginning to overcome the pandemic, although now we are also suffering from the terrible war in Ukraine,” added Pedro Fernández Amo.

From the Association of Brotherhoods, a common gesture of all the brotherhoods is announced to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine, details of which will be offered next week.

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