Saturday, May 15

The budget of Santa Pola will have 2.1 million less than the last of 2018

This is the amount that the local executive, of the PP, has advanced after Compromís accused the government team of blocking the City Council for not presenting the municipal accounts since the mandate began, despite the fact that the council hired a consultant external to help in the preparation of the accounts.

From the PSOE they also add to the criticism because they understand that due to these delays “the City Council is failing to meet the average payment term to suppliers, and we are about to enter into default,” warns the socialist spokesman, Lorenzo Andreu.

From the Department of Finance they recognize that certain difficulties have been generated by the drop in income of two million (related to the coronavirus pandemic) that has made it difficult to balance the accounts, but they assure that the bills are being paid and that the expenses have been adjusted . Regarding investments, they plan to allocate 1.7 million for an urban and asphalt reform plan, expansion of the sports area and soccer field in Gran Alacant, as well as other sports investments and in municipal offices such as the Museum Ship and the Municipal Aquarium, that are dragging deficiencies.

According to Jose Pedro Martinez, mayor of the area, the budget is already finished and now it will have to go through Intervention so that the municipal groups can review it before being approved in the plenary session, scheduled this April.

From the local government they defend their management and explain that during 2019 and 2020 they have carried out economic management work “that was not contemplated in the current extended budget of 2018” and they list some appropriations, which are outside this next budget, such as 803,000 euros for the roads of the second school in Gran Alacant and other investments such as the rehabilitation of the Paco Hernández sports center, the installation of a checkpoint for the Local Police in Gran Alacant or a neighborhood center in Playa Lisa, Investments of 2.1 million outside the 2018 budget, which, added to those planned in the 2021 accounts, would amount to almost four million, according to Martínez.

From the local executive they hide that the adjustment plan between 2019 and 2020 did not make it feasible to carry out some accounts because they understand that they would have been very restrictive.


Compromís has reproached this week that they still do not know if the contributions they have made to the accounts have been taken into account or not and demand agility because they value that the 2018 budget does not meet the social needs that exist now due to the pandemic. From the PSOE they also point out that they have been waiting for months for a draft that does not arrive and for that reason they criticize that the government is taking so long to present the accounts. This newspaper has tried to contact representatives of Cs and Vox, without success.

More for Social Services and less for Parties

The Santa Pola City Council will practically double the budget for the Department of Social Services in order to improve care for families who, for example, have suffered the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. To compensate for the expense, the Party will be reduced more, while other cultural or sports will be maintained, as they advance from the government team.

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