Saturday, January 22

The budget of the Provincial Council: more funding for the environment and aid to the sectors

More investment for municipalities and reinforcement – with the sharpest increases – in the areas of environment and economic development, the latter focused on recovery and, therefore, on aid to the sectors most affected by the COVID crisis. This is what leaves the preliminary draft of the budget of the Provincial Council for 2022, which amounts to 271.9 million euros, 13.9% more than that of 2021. The accounts, the last of a full year before the municipal elections of 2023, in addition, they pamper in a special way the two areas controlled by Cs. Both Infrastructure and Culture increase their staff considerably, more than 24% in the case of the area headed by Javier Gutiérrez, and 18% in that of Vice President Julia Parra.

But if there are some items that stand out above others, they are those that refer to investment to support and assist municipalities, which increased by 26%, with 129 million euros in total. In this sense, the provisions for municipal plans and works stand out with 39 million, roads with 15 million, or water cycle, to which 9.3 million are allocated. Mazón, who presented the accounts together with the Cs deputy Javier Gutiérrez and the popular Eduardo Dolón, highlighted this issue by ensuring that the budgets include “the largest investment in history” for city councils in the province. And he put it in counterpart with the territorialized investments of the state accounts for next year, which leave the province behind. In this sense, he defended that the objective of increasing the amounts destined to the municipalities and the most vulnerable sectors was precisely to “compensate” for the under-financing of the state.

It was not the only comparison that the president of the provincial institution, in turn leader of the PPCV, made between the Provincial Council and the regional administrations, which is governed by the socialist Ximo Puig, and central, headed by Pedro Sánchez, in a clear political key. He did so when talking about the tax reduction, specifically, the only one that manages the provincial institution, that of Economic Activities (IAE), which next year will go from 10% to 5%, which between 2021 and 2022 represents a reduction of 3 million. “Lowering the tax burden is a moral obligation and it is the only institution that does it,” he said. A speech that he has been repeating with the fiscal revolution that he raises as a star proposal if his party achieves power in the next autonomous regions. He also returned to the comparisons, taking out chest that the Provincial Council will freeze, for the second consecutive year, the salary of the deputies and trust personnel in front of, he stressed, the Government of Spain and the Consell “that they are going to apply the increase of 2 % »Of the salary increase expected for 2022.

The reinforcement of investments in strategic areas will be another of the axes of the County Council’s accounts that, according to Dolón, “are expansive.” Subsidies to city councils and non-profit entities will rise by 37.7% to reach 97.6 million compared to 70.8 in 2021. By areas of action, the bulk of the budget will be allocated to infrastructures, with a total of 45.8 million, and emergencies, human resources and demographic challenge with 44.2 million. Almost 14 million will be allocated to the environment, which is the one that rises the most, with 42.8%; a Economic Development, which increased by 39.3%, more than 6; and for Culture, which will manage a budget 18.6% higher than the current fiscal year, there will be items worth 25.7 million. Regarding specific actions, the 33 million that will be injected into municipal works, including the Plan Plan, stand out to promote 300 projects, or to improve roads with 19.4 million. In addition, 960,000 euros are established for aid to artisans.

Architecture will mobilize, for its part, 5.6 million euros, among which are the 500,000 euros that have been reserved for the conference centers of Elche and Alicante, with 250,000 euros for each. In culture, calls for aid will double from 2.5 to 5 million euros. In Sports, 6.2 million will be mobilized, with a greater number of aid to clubs and athletes. And the social action programs will have a global budget of 38.6 million euros, 5% more than in 2021. If the autonomous bodies that depend on the Provincial Council are included, the budget adds up to 39 million more.

In search of another historic agreement with PSPV and Compromís

The meetings to reach, once again, an agreement that prevents any political group from voting against the budgets, have intensified in recent days. As yesterday they wanted to show both the popular Carlos Mazón and the orange Javier Gutiérrez, the opposition, PSOE and Compromís, have the “open doors” to formulate proposals to include in the accounts. In fact, they assured that seven of the nine games that, for now, have been raised from the socialist ranks have already been included, the other two are not materializable, they alleged, and all those of Compromís, although they did not reveal the specific projects. They only gave one example of their “will” to integrate to incorporate opposition proposals, such as the 100,000 euro item for the Social Infrastructure Plan, at the initiative of the Valencian formation. “We want to be a budget for all Alicante,” said Gutiérrez. At the moment, everything indicates that, for the third consecutive year, the accounts could be backed by another historic agreement that avoids no in the plenary session where they will be approved, scheduled for December 15.

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