Thursday, October 28

The budget of the UMH of Elche rises 3% to 109 million euros

The rector of the UMH, Juanjo Ruiz

The rector of the UMH, Juanjo Ruiz
Antonio Amorós

The Plenary of the Social Council of the Miguel Hernández de Elche University (UMH) has approved, in ordinary session, the budget for 2021 of the University, which amounts to 109,284,281.64 euros. This represents an increase of almost 3% in total figures compared to the previous year. Is a balanced requirement that meets the budgetary stability objectives of state and regional regulations.

The increase in the Budget is mainly motivated by transfer items, from the Valencian government, which increase in their joint figures over the previous year and which includes the following provisions:

– Compensation for the accumulated reduction of 15% of the public prices of university tuition.

– Contributions to improve the working conditions of the Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) and Administration and Services Personnel (PAS).

– Compensation for salary increases of public employees.

– Budgeting of compensation for the costs derived from the application of State and Autonomous Regulations (CNEA) that the UMH has assumed in recent years with its own resources and that is provided by the Generalitat Valenciana in 2021 with a higher figure of 2.4 million over the previous year for the UMH.

– Contribution for historical debt, in the 2021 annuity, with some modification with respect to what was initially planned.

The 2021 budget incorporates a set of actions and projects in different fields of action.

The UMH Budget dedicates more than 9.1 million euros to direct investments, which represents 8.3% of the total, with an increase of 29% for 2021, mainly with own funds and which represents the largest increase of all chapters of the Budget. The main destinations are related to the construction and adaptation works on the campuses with just over 2 million for the 2021 scenario, within the framework of the 2021-2023 Multi-year Investment Plan. The construction of the Valona building, the renovations of the Altabix Residence – Albergue, the Campana, Bernia, Albir and La Noria buildings have been scheduled to begin, among others; and technical projects for the future construction in the next budget cycle of the Concepción Aleixandre and Nau de la Salut buildings. Also, other budgetary allocations are incorporated in equipment and facilities to improve energy efficiency, expand infrastructures and furniture, in addition to bibliographic investments with a specific allocation of almost a million and a half for campus libraries and another for teaching material , multi-year in nature, which is close to one million euros.

Along with the projects indicated, the 2021 Budget foresees an increase of just over 3% in the allocations for the strengthening and professionalization of human resources, both teaching and research as well as administration and services, to consolidate and stabilize positions , as well as to favor the development of the professional career.

Refering to methodology followed for its endowments, the transversality of the sustainable development objectives (SDG) has been taken into account in the different faculties, departments and services and, also, the endowments based on the strategic grant plan have been incorporated into the budget.

In summary, the UMH continues its commitment to efficient budgetary policies in the use of currently available resources, which maintain quality levels in teaching, research and services. This is a balanced and prudent budget, given the current situation and with a slight increase, which complies with the budgetary principles of stability, as well as with the University’s commitments with society, with its professionals and with the great present and future challenges of higher education institutions, with a strong commitment to research of excellence and that shows the need for a model of multi-year public university financing, which allows establishing budgetary planning horizons and financial security, to face those challenges and needs that the society demands the UMH.

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