Wednesday, January 27

The budget that motivated the mobilizations that ended the Congress in flames is annulled in Guatemala

Part of the Guatemalan Congress headquarters on fire with riot police in front


Part of the Congress headquarters was set on fire by a group of protesters on Saturday.

The Guatemalan Congress annulled the controversial 2021 budget on Wednesday night, a few days after the parliamentary headquarters was burned in the protests that were generated by the approval of that expenditure.

Budget –the largest in the history of the countryequivalent to US $ 12.8 billion – had been repudiated by much of Guatemalan society.

The greatest criticism was towards the distribution of resources that, in a country where more than half of the population lives in poverty, favored the private sector over the most needy.

From the massive marches, which were initially peaceful, a group of protesters came out and took part of the Congress facilities and set them on fire.

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