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The bulls, a conflict for the PSOE for its union with Podemos




“Culture is not bulls.” Word of Pablo Iglesias, the United We Can candidate with whom Angel Gabilondo wants to make the walk to get to the presidency of the Community of Madrid. The other companion of shortlist, Monica GarciaNor is she a friend of the Fiesta, which once again appears in the arena of the electoral confrontation.

The Government of Pedro Sánchez does not like bulls. And even less after the announcement by Isabel Díaz Ayuso to commemorate the Dos de Mayo, a festival of the Community of Madrid, with a festival in Las Ventas, the ‘Moncloa del bullfighting’, two days before the elections. The prohibitionist machinery then began to set in motion, first as a recommendation from Health, which proposes not to hold events of more than a thousand people. «The Government of Sánchez seeks to end the bullfighting festivities in Madrid under the pretext of the pandemic. He will have us in front of him. We defend that the first place in the world, with the best security measures, welcomes the fans “, Diaz Ayuso stressed in his networks. “The Goya bullfight – he commented to ABC – is a tradition of long decades in Madrid and that with sanitary measures can be guaranteed. I celebrate the return of the Fiesta to the first bullring in the world ».

Meanwhile, Minister Carolina Darias insisted this week that “recommending is not prohibiting” and that this type of celebration is “the responsibility of the Autonomous Communities.”

And among these communities are those of Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura, socialist fiefdoms that allow a capacity of 75 and 50 percent, respectively, in their areas. Emiliano Garcia-Page He acknowledged that the world of bullfighting “is very important in Castilla-La Mancha, both from an economic and cultural point of view.” “It must be taken into account – he said – that this Community is the second in which the most festivities are held throughout the year, only behind Andalusia. In addition, it is necessary to highlight the high number of other types of popular bullfighting celebrations that take place in many cities and towns in the region. All this makes bullfighting a hallmark of Castilla-La Mancha. And it confirms that it will maintain the 75 percent capacity in the bullrings because it understands that “all security measures for this type of shows are met.” However, they will be awaiting “a national debate on this issue.”

Page in a cultural event for the 150th anniversary of the Toledo bullring on February 17, 2016
Page in a cultural event for the 150th anniversary of the Toledo bullring on February 17, 2016 – ANA PÉREZ HERRERA

Without complexes too Guillermo Fernandez Vara: «I am aware of the delicate situation that bullfighting has experienced in recent years, even more so since the pandemic began. For this reason, on several occasions I have publicly expressed my personal support for the world of bullfighting, always accepting that there are other points of view. The government that I preside includes the fighting cattle in the line of aid to support the continuity of agricultural and livestock activity, very damaged by the economic effects of the Covid. In addition, the Junta de Extremadura, from the first phases of the de-escalation, has opted to allow bullfighting shows, even developing a specific guide, to always guarantee the greatest safety for both attendees and workers of these events.

50 percent cumshots

Regarding the Health proposal to prohibit the acts of more than a thousand spectators, he comments: «It has not been approved yet, so our community will continue to maintain the authorization of the celebration of bullfighting shows with the capacity of 50 percent and in strict compliance with the Covid protocol. In any case, both that proposal and any other will end up passing through the filter of the evolution of the pandemic in the coming weeks. Neither we can nor should we make closed approaches in the medium term, since the different waves have already required us, on several occasions, to modify the approaches established in advance, while the progress in the vaccination process gives us hope of a better evolution in the next weeks”.

Fernandez VaraHe stressed that “the importance of the bullfighting sector in Extremadura goes beyond the relevance and weight of the traditional festival, as it has an undeniable positive impact, both in economic and environmental terms.” “Bullfighting – he explains – is linked to one of the most representative symbols of our region: our pasture, an incomparable environment in which more than 120 herds of wild cattle graze. Extremadura will always be committed to favoring the integration of the wealth-generating potential of wild cattle in the processes of sustainable development in rural areas.

Fragment of the video of Vox with Morante and Monastery
Fragment of the video of Vox with Morante and Monastery – ABC

The jar of bullfighting, health and electoral essences was uncovered as a result of the refusal of the Junta de Andalucía to allow a capacity greater than a meter and a half distance at the Seville Fair and to transfer the query to the Government, which maintained that recommendation, which aroused criticism from the bullfighting sector for “discrimination” with respect to other cultural sectors. While on the banks of the Guadalquivir a capacity of 50 percent was prevented, 200 kilometers, in Mérida, a bullfight was held with half of the lines full. Now the fans are waiting for what will happen in Castilla y León, where a figure fair is announced in Valladolid. «We bet on the balance between the protection of life and health and economic activity. According to the state regulationsl and autonomous, the allowed capacity is 33 percent for level 4 and 50 for level 3 “, declared Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. And he emphasized that from his Board “we have always defended bullfighting as a significant element to preserve the uses, customs and identity in interior Spain.”

Díaz Ayuso’s announcement of the festival further fueled the bullfighting-political debate, between the clapping of the fans and the whistles of the anti-bullfighting radicals. And while Sánchez’s most radical partners were against, in Vox they drew their bullfighting arsenal from the hand of Morante de la Puebla, the right-hander who loudly supports Santiago Abascal’s party. If, in the Andalusian elections, they visited the Joselito el Gallo pantheon together, now he appears in a video fighting in tandem with Rocío Monasterio, which shows his love for bullfighting and seeks the bullfighting niche among his voters.

Díaz Ayuso attends a bullfight in Las Ventas in 2019
Díaz Ayuso attends a bullfight in Las Ventas in 2019 – DOVE AGUILAR

And if the green party has the loose verse of Morante – absent at the Ayuso festival in the Monumental venteña, whose esplanade Vox has already reserved on May 2 -, in the PP they have Miguel Abellán as director-manager of the Bullfighting Center of the CAM. In addition, from its Ministry of the Environment they have announced aid for fighting herds. “Their economic contribution is clear,” says Paloma Martín to ABC. We have 64 livestock farms, it generates around twelve thousand jobs and fixes jobs in rural areas ». The counselor criticized Sánchez’s treatment of the brave field: “The Government of Spain despises this strategic sector for the maintenance of the environment and has excluded its professionals from extraordinary unemployment benefits for artists. The Ombudsman had to be the one who asked the Ministry of Labor to include them.

Freedom and Spain

Díaz Ayuso, president of the popular of Madrid, affirmed: “Bullfighting is a protected cultural interest asset that is part of our popular tradition. Only San Isidro, under normal circumstances, represents more than 70 million euros for our coffers. But bulls, of course, are much more than jobs and the economy. Bullfighting is freedom and it is Spain ».

And that is what the fans ask: freedom to attend a legal show. Bullfighting fans, who attack left and right, are concerned with “the totalitarian daydreams” of parties like Iglesias in which “culture is molded to suit power,” in the words of Victorino Martín, president of the Toro Foundation.

Once again the bulls as electoral and territorial currency, as if the Fiesta, universal and without ideology but threatened by a radical animalism, was a matter of geography and politics. Bullfighting is Spain’s cultural gift to humanity. Be worthy representatives of your people and fight for it, “Victorino sums up and proclaims.

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