Thursday, February 29

The burying of the wiring will affect the historic center of Trujillo

Burial works in the old part, yesterday. / JSPs

One of the objectives is to ensure evacuation routes and the entrance and exit to homes and businesses, according to the mayor

Tourists and neighbors coexist, these days, with the burying works of the wiring that Iberdrola is carrying out in the old part, thanks to the agreement that was reached at the time with the City Council. This project will involve an investment of around 123,000 euros.

These works began this summer, although they stopped due to the patron saint festivities. Since September 19, these tasks have been restarted on Alhamar street, which is the usual way for vehicles to get off from the castle. The intention now is not to stop until the planned actions are completed, which affect the heart of the old town.

Given this fact, the delegate mayor, Raúl Gómez, points out that one of the objectives is to ensure, at all times, evacuation routes and access to homes and businesses. It is also a demand from neighbors and businessmen in the area.

Neighborhood sources acknowledge that the works have to be done and accept that they may lead to inconvenience. However, they demand that there be programming and forecasting so that the inconveniences of both residents and clients of the different businesses are mitigated. It must be remembered that the majority are hotel and local establishments aimed at tourism.

Given the complexity of the work for circulation, the Local Police has put up eventual signs indicating that some roads have become two-way. Also, through Facebook, has indicated that there will be traffic restrictions. “Neighbors will be able to access the vicinity of their homes wherever they deem necessary, taking the appropriate security measures to avoid accidents,” they add.

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With this initiative, Iberdrola’s aerial wiring will disappear, which, in many cases, disfigures the facades of the old part and is already deteriorated, according to sources close to the project. In addition, pipes will be installed so that the City Council can introduce other services, such as telecommunications.

End of the year

In the actions that are being carried out in Alhamar street, a slightly larger ditch than expected has had to be dug. Sources from the company that is carrying out the civil works, Construcciones Lucas Ávila, clarify that it is difficult to know how long they will last, since, once it is opened, it is not known what they will find. In addition, in some cases old pipes have to be removed. Once the wiring is inserted, it will be paved again with the same material that was initially removed. The most promising forecasts point to the end of the year.

In addition to Alhamar, this project will affect, in some sections, Plaza de Santiago, Calle Ballesteros, Altamirano, Cuesta de la Sangre, Plaza de los Moritos and Calle Cambroneras, Santa María and La Victoria.

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