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The Cacereño leaves his mark

José Ramón, the man of the match, celebrates the equalizing goal at two. / Armando Mendez

Second RFEF

Cobos’ team, which deserved more against the leader, ‘humanizes’ Córdoba with a draw amid the arbitration controversy

At the football party that Cacereño and Córdoba offered this Sunday at the Príncipe Felipe (2-2), only referee Mallo Fernández was not up to the task. In a vibrant game that enjoyed intensity, chances, goals and was marked by an extraordinary atmosphere in the stands, both teams showed why they are the best of the season in group IV of the Second RFEF. The Castilian-Leon referee, however, had the ability to unnerve both teams with his decisions, especially a Cacereño who felt harmed.

Julio Cobos surprised the start by leaving Kamal out of the starting eleven. There were also novelties in the goal, defended by Fran Martínez to the detriment of Bernabé. When a minute and a half of the game had not yet been played, Cacereño gave the first joy to his fans with a goal by Rubén Solano, who beat his pair back inside the area and took advantage of José Ramón’s assistance. The green winger was by far the best of the match. A target that unleashed delirium in the stands of Prince Felipe.

It didn’t take long for Córdoba to try to reply, without success, through Javi Flores and Miguel de las Cuevas. In the ninth minute, Cacereño could have put more ground in the middle if Solano, in front of goal, had hit the ball with a ball rejected by Carlos Marín after a shot by Colau. The local attacker asked for a penalty in that same action. The visitor De las Cuevas, in the 16th, also demanded the same in the Cacereño area before the passivity of Mallo Fernández.

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Fran Martinez; Aguado, Gayoso, Marvin, Josín, Bermu (Kamal, min. 63), Yael, José Ramón, Solano, Jorge Barba (Luis Hernáiz, min. 74) and Colau (Carlos Fernández, min. 79).


Carlos Marin; José Ruiz, José Cruz, Gudelj, Puga (Bernardo Cruz, min. 87), Álex Bernal, Javi Flores (Arranz, min. 69), Adrián Fuentes (Luismi, min. 46), De las Cuevas (Willy, min. 69 ), Simo (Omar Perdomo, min. 82) and Casas.

  • goals
    1-0: Solano, min. 1. 1-1: Simo, min. 28. 1-2: Of the Caves (p), min. 57. 2-2: José Ramón (p), min. 87.

  • Referee
    Mallo Fernández (Committee of Castilla y León). He admonished Jorge Barba, Luis Aguado and Kamal, from Cacerereño, as well as the local coach, Julio Cobos. He showed a yellow card to Arranz, from Córdoba, and sent off the visitor José Cruz in the 86th minute for a double yellow card.

  • Incidents
    5,428 spectators at the Príncipe Felipe, with more than half a thousand visiting fans.

Solano again, this time in the 20th minute, forced the visiting goalkeeper to stretch to avoid Cacereño’s second after a good combinational play. Simo, from the front, put the tables for Córdoba in the 28th minute with a right hand against which Fran Martínez could do nothing. The Andalusian goal did not make Cacereño lower his arms and in the 33rd minute he had another good opportunity on the counterattack. This time it was José Ramón who tried it with a cross shot.

The visiting coach, Germán Crespo, brought in Luismi from the start in the second half with the aim of finding offensive alternatives. In minute 57, De las Cuevas put Córdoba ahead after materializing a dubious penalty previously committed by goalkeeper Fran Martínez.

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El Cacereño, who on many occasions put more heart than head on the pitch, especially when physical fatigue began to make an appearance, entrusted himself to José Ramón and gave space to a Córdoba that tried to attack. Faced with the thrust of Cacereño, the leader went through minutes of real suffering, to the point of having to bail balls at specific times.

The minimum of justice for Cacereño would come in the last five minutes of the game, when Mallo Fernández, without conceding the advantage in a play that had ended in a goal, signaled a penalty in favor of Cacereño. José Ramón did not fail and set the final 2-2 against a Córdoba that had to play from that moment with one less due to the double yellow seen by José Cruz.

Julio Cobos, coach Cacereño: «I have never seen Córdoba suffer as it has suffered here»

With a bittersweet sensation. This is how the Cacereño coach appeared in the press room, a Julio Cobos who showed his disagreement with several arbitration decisions: “There has been a very clear penalty that is a direct red and that would have meant 2-0 with one more player,” he explained about an action suffered by Solano in the first half. “In the penalty against us, I think Fran has the ball,” he said about another set. In his opinion, Cacereño deserved more: «We are not happy because Cacereño deserved to win the match. I have never seen Córdoba suffer as they have suffered here. We are very happy with the atmosphere that has been experienced, but it is a pity that we did not keep the three points. The two teams have played a very nice game for the fans because we have always looked for the opposite goal. There are days when you are not happy with the result, but you are happy with the work and the chances that have been created».

For his part, the coach of Córdoba, Germán Crespo, who had words of appreciation for Cacereño, also spoke of a high-flying match: «It was a nice game with two teams that at all times wanted to go for the three points”. After this result, Córdoba does not yet depend on itself to sing the ‘alirón’ the next day.

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