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The Cacereño takes a bittersweet point before the Messenger

El Cacereño could not go beyond a goalless draw during his visit to Santa Cruz de La Palma, in a match in which the Messenger commanded respect and almost defeated the Verdiblanco team. Julio Cobos’s pupils were inferior for much of a match that had little football and a lot of fighting. However, the clearest occasion was from the green box. Yael, in a direct corner kick that crashed against the crossbar, was close to scoring an Olympic goal and tipping the balance for the team from Cáceres. The duel did not have much history, with two teams that sought direct play with long balls and in which the most remarkable thing was the defenses of both teams. The Extremaduran squad returns home with a point, the only one added in their two consecutive outings, which strengthens them in second place, although very far from Córdoba, which will visit Cáceres on Sunday.

There was not much to tell in the first 45 minutes. Both teams went out to grope each other in the opening stages, the host team was the first to warn of their intentions with a center from Gayoso that narrowly failed to find a finisher. It was difficult for the green team to settle on the Silvestre Carrillo artificial turf, where each ball was very easily poisoned due to the state of the mat on which both teams captured a direct game from the first minute. However, the La Palma team found themselves more comfortable on a familiar playing field, always hovering around the danger zones defended by a Cacereño who was not capable of lowering the ball and seeking a more associative game. Neither Carlos Fernández nor his namesake, Carlos Andújar, hardly had the chance to find a minimally dangerous move.

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The match was unable to pick up a continuous pace of play, in a very eventful first half, plagued with interruptions, physical play and turnovers. Neither was able to send a slight warning to the opposing goal, to generate any action of real danger in a totally decaffeinated first act, without shocks or occasions that provoked a minimal reaction from the public present. The unremarkable thing that could be made clear was the forcefulness of the defensive line lined up by Julio Cobos, with Rubén Sánchez and Josín intractable high and low. The good performance of the central defenders was key to despair of the top scorer of the Canarian club, the Brazilian Edu Salles, who did not have any chance to look for the goal defended by Bernabé.

It hardly took 40 seconds for the Messenger to have the first clear chance after the intermission. A shot by Yeray after a cross from the side forced Josín to stretch as far as possible to repel a ball that slipped into the goal defended by Bernabé. Five minutes later, Edu Salles infiltrated down the right flank, dribbled past the first defender and took a left-footed shot before which the Talaveran goalkeeper had to make a worthwhile save to keep the 0-0 scoreline. Despite what was seen in the first half, the film did not change and long balls continued to be the tone of the match, without any of those present being able to string together almost two consecutive passes.

The minutes passed and the coaches sought to give the clash some freshness by introducing new players. In the 70th minute, the Messenger again generated danger: Ale González took out a whiplash and Bernabé, once again, saved his team with a feline stretch. From that moment on, the game was completely broken, with comings and goings of both teams that were looking at all costs for the goal that would decide the match. Five minutes later, Yael froze the team led by Josu Uribe with a double chance. First in a corner shot that was about to be an Olympic goal and that crashed into the crossbar. This was followed by a header that Antonio Samuel had to take off on the goal line. The red and black team replied at the end, coming out of a corner, with a header from Jaime inside the area that went straight to the gloves of a confident Bernabé. Finally, the score did not move and Cacereño returns home with a point under his arm that he knows little about.

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Julio Cobos: «We have taken a point in a difficult field»

The Cacereño coach drew positive conclusions after the goalless draw against Mensajero, arguing that the team managed to score a point “in a very difficult field.” “After having changed coaches and after achieving a victory of great merit three days ago against Mérida, we knew that it was a team that was going to make things very difficult for us”, commented the coach from Badajoz.

“I am happy after the game. It was a very competitive match, in which it was difficult for us to enter, but in the second half we were able to loosen up a little more. Also, I think we are the second or third team that has scored the most points away from home », he added.

Julio Cobos once again stressed the fact that it was a “complicated opponent because they have players who know how to move their own and create danger”, despite the fact that Cacereño’s objective was to add the three points: “We came from a defeat and we were clear that today we had to add yes or yes ». Finally, he wanted to remember, anecdotally, the first time he set foot in the Messenger’s stadium. «It was a few years ago, and I was dressed as a footballer. This stadium brings back good memories », he concluded.

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Nauzet; Óscar, Jaime, Diego Simón, Antonio Samuel (Juanda, min. 85); Benítez (Caropitche, min. 60), Ruymán, Yeray, Toni Robaina; Ale González (Cacho, min. 77) and Edu Salles


Barnabas; Luis Aguado, Rubén Sánchez, Josín, Gayoso; Javi López (Bermu, min. 69), Kamal, Yael; Luis Hernaiz (Colau, min. 87), Carlos Fernández (Solano, min. 82) and Carlos Andújar

  • Referee
    Carbonell Hernández (Valencian Committee). He gave a yellow card to the local players Ruymán, Jaime, Ale González and Yeray; and the visiting player Javi López

  • goals
    there was not

  • Incidents
    Sylvester Carrillo. 620 viewers

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