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The Cáceres lithium mine obtains the support of the transport association Asemtraex

The president of Asemtraex, Miguel Ángel Sánchez, and the CEO of Extremadura New Energies, Ramón Jiménez. / TODAY

The business organization and Extremadura New Energies (Infinity Lithium) sign an agreement to promote industrial development and demand the creation of a transport logistics center in the city

Extremadura New Energies (ENE), a subsidiary of Infinity Lithium, and the Association of Transport Entrepreneurs of Extremadura (Asemtraex) have signed an agreement forming the so-called ‘Alliance for the industrial development of Cáceres and the promotion of transport’ in the autonomous community. It is, according to a note released by ENE, a collaboration agreement with which they intend to promote the economic development of the community through support for the Valdeflores lithium mine and treatment plant project and, at the same time, « specifically promote the development of the goods and people transport sector in Extremadura».

The objective, they say, is to work together to “generate an ideal ecosystem to promote economic growth, fight unemployment and generate opportunities for the benefit of the population of Cáceres and Extremadura.” Likewise, Asemtraex and ENE will support the creation of a transport logistics center in Cáceres to serve these new industrial initiatives and the sector as a whole.

According to the signed agreement, both entities will collaborate to support the establishment of business initiatives within the value chain of lithium ion batteries, as is the case of the lithium processing plant that Extremadura New Energies projects in Cáceres, as well as « any other directly or indirectly related business and/or industrial initiative. Both organizations consider that this will imply a boost in activity in the goods and people transport sector in Extremadura, which is essential for this type of activity. “It must be taken into account that the Extremadura New Energies industrial plant will generate a volume of input traffic of over 800,000 tons/year during the life of the project, which will directly affect the sector represented by Asemtraex,” the note indicates. .

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In parallel, the members of Asemtraex will have priority when accessing the courses that Extremadura New Energies will promote related to energy storage, electric mobility and renewable energies within the framework of the Battery Academy of the European Battery Alliance (EBA).

The CEO of Extremadura New Energies, Ramón Jiménez Serrano, has said that “this is one more step in the search for synergies with local businessmen, since one of the main objectives of ENE is for the lithium processing plant to become in a pole of development and attraction of other projects that especially benefits the companies of the city». In this sense, he has been convinced that “Cáceres can play a very relevant role in the new industrial ecosystem that is going to be generated around lithium, it is an opportunity that the city and the community cannot miss”.

From Asemtraex its president Miguel Ángel Sánchez Bravo, points out that as a business association they will be in favor of “all those industrial initiatives that, in compliance with current applicable legislation, involve the creation of a business fabric and the contribution of wealth and added value for Cáceres its province and for Extremadura».

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