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the call of a Russian soldier to his mother in which he describes the torture of Ukrainian civilians



Konstantin Solovyov is one of many Russian soldiers currently taking part in the invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24. As the Russians withdrew from some Ukrainian territories, harrowing stories of rapes, executions and torture by the Russian military came to light. The interceptions of the Ukrainian intelligence services provide even more evidence of cruelty increasingly seen as an integral part of war strategy of Russia, not as an exception.

A call
intercepted and published by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
on May 5 involved Konstantin, a soldier of the Russian Army’s 11th Corps, and his mother, Tatiana Solovyova.

This conversation is testimony to Russia’s war crimes.

In the dialogue, after a brief exchange of jokes about taking food from local villagers near Kharkiv, Solovyov quickly begins to describe the heinous methods of torture used by members of the Russian security service (FSB) that he has witnessed and in those who have also participated.

torture methods

Among the methods described, the soldier cites the “21 roses”consisting of remove skin from fingers, toes, and penis of a man like the petals of a flower, and the “barrel” method, when a barbed wire cable is inserted into a prisoner’s anus through a tube before being slowly and painstakingly pulled out.

«Skin is cut from all the fingers. And then you do it there [en el pene]. This is what is called 21 roses on a man’s body. Do you know what other torture I have seen? », says Konstantin. “We captured the prisoners and took them there… And while we waited for those torturers, we held them down, and we beat them, we broke their legs so they wouldn’t escape,” the soldier also says.

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At another point in the conversation, the young man recounts how a Ukrainian civilian was tortured to death for taking photos of their positions. “They beat him with rubber batons. Can you imagine how many blows you need to kill, how many do you have to give with a rubber baton? They use them in prisons if there is a riot, each hit causes internal trauma. This is how the FBS tortures.”

“There’s another method of torture… I forget what it’s called… the barrel, I think. You stick a tube up your ass. And you put some barbed wire inside the tube. They said that this thing with the cable is from Chechnya”, explains the Russian military man about the torture of the barrel.

no regrets

Then the mother asks him if he likes what he does, to which Konstantin replies: “I love it”. And the woman replies: «I always told you, if I were there I would like it too. We are the same, you and me.”

Solovyov also said that he did not feel “not an iota of regret” for his crimes, claiming that Ukrainian forces would do the same in his position. He later added, “I don’t even feel remorse anymore. After more than 20 [asesinatos]I stopped feeling anything.”

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry posted a link to the mother and son’s social media profiles along with the raw audio of their disturbing call; the profiles have since been deleted. According to local media reports, Solovyov is just 20 years old, while his mother is 50 years old.

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