Friday, August 12

“The campaign against religious school is scandalous”

Valeriano Sarto is the director of the Nuestra Señora del Pilar school in Madrid. A concerted teaching center in which 2,000 students study and which was founded in 1907 by the Company of Mary.

A school rich in tradition and innovative tradition.

More than 100 years.

Yes, but we still live in the child, in the adolescent, in the changing response in a changing world.

In our Christian roots. We are an evangelizing school.

Why when the left does it is indoctrination and instead we evangelize?

The Gospel is the good news that God loves you, and He does it through some people who also love you, and therefore

they demand so much of you.

Now demanding is fascist.

The demand with tenderness is a very important value. We are the school of Mary.


We accompany those who have a bad time in difficult moments and in hard moments.

And also the nice ones.

Yes, and there is much to celebrate.

If part of your salary wasn’t what you like to do your job, it wouldn’t pay off.

Neither the director nor the management team understand each other without their great vocation.

And then there are those who want to erase God from the classroom.

Each center must have its educational offer clear, known, accepted and with the involvement of families. That is why the freedom to choose an education for your children according to your values ​​is important. We want to form other Christs.

Sounds loud.

But that’s how it is. We demand of each one what he can give, and a little more. This little more is the difficulty of the requirement. It is necessary to try that this little more does not discourage, that the student sees and understands that he has the capacity to give it.

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Content education or skills development?

It is a false dialectic. There is no capacity detached from knowledge.

Now we are children.

There is an excess of care in political correctness. The essential attention to diversity cannot consist of swallowing with anything.

Everything today is “anything.”

There are things that humanize and there are things that dehumanize.

Christ was a revolutionary.

Christ is in the world and you have to be attentive. We want generous, selfless, supportive people.

The public complains that the concert makes it a ghetto.

It is an ideological vision. Many public centers are well cared for and in demand.


It is important and today it is needed for everything. But we cannot organize education around English. English cannot be the axis of a school.

Science and Faith.

Science is not aseptic, neither is education. Faith and Science are not a contradiction but a dialogue.


We have an affective-sexual education plan, a vision of the person’s relationship with the other. The external campaigns that exist to prevent infections are very good, but in El Pilar we educate ourselves. If a school needs an outsider to educate, we are not doing well.

Is it necessary to talk about sexuality at school?

Absolutely. The school has to say something, for example, in the face of the brutal power of pornography.


We talk a lot with them. They tend to believe that their children are much more innocent than they really are.


We are very concerned about the deterioration in mental health that it has caused in many kids. The fear of going out, isolation, self-harm, depression, suicide.

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We have a very clear protocol in case of abuse. The reality made us wake up. It caused us a lot of pain when we realized that there were victims. But if you look closely, almost all complaints are from the past. Now you intervene at the first sign, much faster.

The Campaign of ‘El País’ to criminalize the Church.

The campaign of some media trying to raise cases in religious schools has been scandalous. Why don’t they ask in secular schools, or among plumbers, or among doctors, or among journalists. Why don’t you search your newsrooms? We would be surprised.


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