Wednesday, August 4

The Capitol is already safe. Mayor of Washington warns that the curfew will be strictly enforced

The Capitol is already safe.  Mayor of Washington warns that the curfew will be strictly enforced

The authorities retaken the United States Capitol.


The United States Capitol is safe again, after all the president’s supporters were expelled from the compound Donald Trump who violated one of the most iconic buildings in the country, and brought chaos to the nation’s capital, after Trump urged his supporters to fight the ceremonial recount of electoral votes in Congress, which will confirm the victory of the president-elect Joe Biden.

The Mayor of Washington DC Muriel Browser said at a public conference on city safety that the curfew will be strictly imposed in the District of Columbia and those who do not respect it will be detained.

The capital of United States will enter a curfew at 6 pm (ET), the mayor announced.

During curfew no one will be allowed to be on the streets, except law enforcement agencies and accredited media representatives.

The mayor referred to assault on the United States Capitol on Wednesday as illegal conduct and urged residents to be vigilant and notify authorities of any suspicious acts. But above all, to remain calm.

“As you have seen in the broadcast videos, the conduct we have witnessed today in the Capitol building is illegal, dangerous, regrettable and unpatriotic. But above all, it is illegal, anyone who performs these activities will not be tolerated and must be subject to the law ”, Browser warned.

“We have seen today an illegal mutiny that will not be tolerated,” warned the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department Robert Contee at the conference.

At least 13 people were arrested in the assault on the Capitol by pro-Trump rioters, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee said Wednesday.

The authorities reported the death of a woman who was wounded by a gunshot on the outskirts of the Capitol.

Several officers were injured and at least one was transported to the hospital, multiple sources told CNN.

Smoke grenades were used on the Senate side of the Capitol, while police worked to clear the building of rioters.

The authorities have confiscated several weapons during the withdrawal of the assailants in the Capitol. Contee said that approximately “five weapons have been recovered.”

The Senate floor was cleared of rioters at 3:30 p.m. ET, and an officer told CNN they had been successfully led away from the Senate wing of the building and into the Rotunda.

The withdrawal of assailants ended as the start of the curfew approached.

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