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The car influencers who earn the most money… 25,000 euros for a photo!

The car influencers who earn the most money… 25,000 euros for a photo!

The car influencers who earn the most money… 25,000 euros for a photo!

The motor world it also has its particular references in social networks, with a legion of followers who they make them win a real outrage for each post. According to a study by, These are the 10 car influencers who earn the most money per publication and TikTok.

10. @colinfurze10.

At the bottom of this list we find Collin Furze (colinfurze), an inventor who has even managed to recreate one of the cars of James Bond. For each post on TikTok, it is estimated that he earns about 935 euros.

9. @chrisfixit

Chirs (chrisfixit) is a TikToker that shares videos of car transformation and tips practical to modify them, and for each one of it is pocketed 1.365 euros.

8. @alfredovlza

Alfredo Valenzuela (alfredovlza), always surrounded by exclusive cars, manages to captivate his followers to pocket some 1,450 euros per post.

7. @alan_enileev

Same formula follows Alan Enileev (alan_enileev), who for a single post on TikTok can add to his checking account 1.530 euros.

6. @Sunday

Sunday (Sunday) It is Spanish based in Dubai gives his followers long teeth with the cars that are spent there, and for which he charges a few 1,955 euros per publication.

5. @thestradman

James Stradman (thestradman) This car lover enters the Top5 of top earning car influencers on TikTok, thanks to earnings of around 2,000 euros per post.

4. Replying to @Team_Kuwait

Rana (rana65556) It’s a car collector who can afford a dream garage thanks, among other things, to the more than 2.300 euros who earn per post on TikTok.

3. @tjhunt_

The bronze of this ranking takes it TJ Hunt (tjhunt_), that publishes videos recreating scenes from Fast and Furious, showing the internal mechanics of expensive cars and collaborating with other influencers from the motor world. For each one of them he pockets 2.890 euros approximately.

2. @dimagordey

The runner-up is Dima Gordey (dimagordey) with estimated earnings of 3,820 euros for a post. This Russian-born influencer has more than 4.5 million followers on TikTok, in addition to 5.5 million on YouTube and 3 million on Instagram.

1. @supercarblondie

The reina indisputable in the world of motor influencers it is Alex, better known as supercarblondie. Showing the most expensive and exclusive cars on the planet, and driving the most spectacular prototypes before anyone else, he earns approximately 5,600 euros per post on TikTok, almost doubling the earnings of the second classified.

How much do car influencers earn on Instagram?

The spectacular figures that we have mentioned before is multiply exponentially if we talk about Instagram. This is what motor influencers earn for each publication on this social network.

The full lists, others related studies with the publication and what they were based on to make this ranking, it can be seen in the original publication of at this link.

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