Thursday, June 17

The case of the girls of Tenerife: A recording that was fundamental

Police and Civil Guard after locating Olivia's body at the bottom of the sea.

Police and Civil Guard after locating Olivia’s body at the bottom of the sea.

The images of Gimeno in the moments before his two departures from the marina in his boat, ‘Esquilón’, and the testimony of a security guard help in the investigation.

On April 29 in the morning, a fundamental aspect was disclosed to try to define what could have happened with Tomás Gimeno, Olivia and Anna. One of the video surveillance cameras at the Marina Tenerife marina, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, focuses directly on the access to pier A. Minutes before 9:30 p.m., the girls’ father was driving on the San Andrés highway and it was diverted towards the Fishing Dock of the capital of Tenerife. At that time, almost all the parking spaces were free and the Tenerife businessman decided to park next to the jetty where his boat, Esquilón, was docked. For 20 minutes he had time to talk on the phone and made several trips between the white Audi A3 and the boat. He was carrying various bags and packages. The port complex guard remained firm in his statement to the investigators of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard: Tomás Gimeno was alone. And at 9:50 p.m. he left to sail in an unknown direction.

The captain of Marina Tenerife, Enrique Alonso, clarified that the father of the minors returned to the marina at 11:30 p.m. Then he got on his car and looked for a service station that was open. He found one on the San Andrés highway, near María Jiménez. There he bought a mobile phone charger and tobacco. During that time, his ex-wife tried to talk to him, but couldn’t. The businessman returned to Marina Tenerife and went to the guardhouse, where he loaded his terminal. At that moment, the worker noticed that he was very nervous. Nor did he have the girls with him. He went to sea at 00:30 hours.

The location of Olivia’s body at noon this Thursday inside a sports bag indicates that, Before reaching Marina Tenerife, he allegedly killed his daughters, put them in these accessories and took them to his boat. For this reason, the employee of the private security company did not see anyone with him. A few days ago, a camera with a scanner and laser, which records in 360 degrees, recorded the access to dock A, with the aim of determining the volume and weight of the packages and bags carried by the businessman to his ship, thanks to the comparison with the images taken on the night of the events. Tomás Gimeno, 37, has led a comfortable life thanks to his family’s heritage, which has allowed him to enjoy many of his hobbies. The breakdown of his marriage with Beatriz and the fact that she started a new relationship with another man, in his 60s, did not take it well. Yesterday it was confirmed that committed the murder of at least one of his daughters.

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