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The Catalan Government processes the budgets with the abstention of the ‘comuns’

A Republican source defined El Periódico de Catalunya, just as the meetings with the CUP began to try to tie their support to the budgets, that he current Government was a tripartite: “ERC, Together and Jaume Giró”. One way of saying that the ‘Minister’ of Economy develops a own profile, not always aligned with his party. Giró, this Monday, during the debate on the processing of the accounts that he designed, showed off his status as a loose verse and claimed to “celebrate a lot” the agreement reached, in the morning, by the ‘president’ Pere Aragonès and the ‘ commons’. A pact from which his party, Junts, has declined and which has attacked in the media, although not in the Executive Council room. “We cannot afford not to have budgets,” Giró said, amending his political force. The accounts overcame the stumbling block of the amendments to the whole, and continue with their processing since the abstention of the ‘comuns’ (8 seats) made the ‘no’ of ERC and Junts (65) to the amendments will outnumber the ‘yes’ of PSC, Vox, CUP, Cs and PP (62).

In the parliamentary debate, the ‘minister’ made a detailed presentation of some accounts that represent 5,618 million more, 17%. The largest investment increase since 2007, in full second tripartite and the first, since 2010, which are approved in time to come into force on January 1 of next year.

Giró did not abandon the tone of vindication and denouncement of the comparative offense that, in his opinion, the central government carries out and that caused so much surprise in the ranks of the PSC, by those of the labor origin of the today ‘conseller’ (La Caixa). First, he recalled the fiscal deficit that Catalonia is experiencing, and then he criticized the distribution of European funds.

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European tort via Madrid

“We are grateful to the European Union for the 2 billion we receive. But we would like to have the funds that would touch us and that the State manages. We received 5% of the resilience fund and 12% of the total funds for economic reactivation “, he asserted, knowing that everyone present knows that Catalonia represents the 16% of the population and provides the 19% of Spain’s GDP.

“They are necessary and expansive budgets that maintain fiscal discipline. We will respect the deficit ceiling of 0.6% of GDP and, in addition, we reduce the percentage of debt in relation to GDP by two points, which will become 33 , 8%. The state has 122% “, detailed Giró.

His co-religionist, Joan Canadell, on behalf of the party, attacked the pact via criticism of the ‘comuns’, whom he called a party that “says ‘no’ to everything.” He placed them in the unionist part of the hemicycle for not defending that Catalonia “suffers a fiscal deficit of 8% per year” and accused them of “wanting to save his chair, offering a change of stickers, the Generalitat’s budgets for those of the Barcelona City Council”. “Does the independence movement win with the pact with the ‘comuns’?” Canadell said of the force that facilitates the approval of budgets designed by his own force.

Of course, Canadell hinted that ERC is moving towards “the 180-degree turn towards autonomism” and that the pact with the ‘comuns’ “is the prelude to a new tripartite,” he asserted, returning to one of the ideas forces of Junts. in electoral campaign.

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He demanded “responsibility” from the CUP to keep “alive that majority of 52%”, although, he said “understand” the doubts of the anti-capitalists on the table of dialogue and negotiation with the State. Moreover, he pointed out that “the CUP”, the force that vetoes the budgets designed by his party, “is right that the ‘procés’ is stagnating.”

The outstretched hand of the PSC

The socialist intervener, Alícia Romero, focused the debate on the political side. He recalled the outstretched hand of the PSC, repeatedly rejected by Aragonès, and asserted that the independence bloc is “broken” and that this will generate “instability and uncertainty.” Romero demanded that the Government abandon the policy of ’empty chairs’ and return to sit at the multilateral tables, specifically, the one in which a new financing system is being addressed.

He also gave a dart to the ‘commons’. In Comú Podem it has agreed more presumptuous with Junts than the CUP. “Were you, Mrs. Albiach, the one who mentioned the ‘sociovergència’? ” ironized, amid the laughter of the hemicycle, including those of the purple leader herself, who sportively conceded the blow.

The anti-capitalist “transformation”

The ‘cuperos’ rolled up their sleeves to justify their veto and thus shed the accusations of those who point them out for breaking the independence majority. In fact, they accused Aragonès of having been the one who dynamited that 52% b obtained on 14-F. The deputy Eulàlia Reguant He argued the lack of a “deep transformation” outlining five axes of the future: reindustrialization, shielding of education, health and social services; universal basic income, an anti-eviction “bunker” and public banking and energy. The ‘cupaire’ spoiled the Government for not having wanted to delve into a “shared social and national horizon”, suspending his work at the head of the Generalitat. He reproached the partners in the Executiu for not having wanted to commit to holding another referendum while negotiating the support of the central government and projects such as the expansion of the Barcelona-El Prat Airport. “Do not use the investiture agreement to trip over each other as you have done all your life. Your problems are your problems. Do not use us to settle your disagreements,” he said. Reguant ended his speech by offering himself to the Generalitat if it is committed to clarifying the direction of independence and to the left, “but not.”

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In his turn to reply, Giró entered the melee with the CUP. He sided with accusations that ERC and Junts (a joint defense that in the context of the last few hours surprised) were “not very sovereign” via recalling the legal actions against members of both parties. And on another of the great recurring terms, the ‘sociovergència? What does exist, he said, throwing a puja, is the entente between parties that shy away from “maximalism.”

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