Tuesday, August 3

The Catalan Ombudsman urges Equality to ease restrictions on residences

Archive image of a geriatric residence in Alicante

Archive image of a geriatric residence in Alicante
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Once more than 82% of the vaccination level of the users and workers of the residences for dependent elderly people -according to data provided by the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública- and in the face of complaints from relatives expressing their discomfort over the damage it is causing to the psychological and emotional health of their The greater the limitation and / or restriction of visits to them, the Catalan Ombudsman has issued a resolution urging the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies to urgently update the operating protocol and visits to the residences.

The Catalan Ombudsman, Ángel Luna, points out that the significant delays that occur in the approval of contingency plans could be causing extreme caution of the directors of the centers, regarding the flexibility (by adaptation to the specific characteristics of the center) of the conditions in which they are developed the visits.

It also states that the application of instructions dictated by the Ministry and those established in the contingency plans of the centers must be supervised by the inspection service of centers of the Ministry.

If we attend to total number of residences of dependent elderly people who are in operation in the Valencian Community (333 residences of which 260 are privately owned, 34 municipally owned and 39 owned by the Generalitat- 28 of them fully managed) the inspections carried out are clearly insufficient Therefore, we can conclude that the administrative control over the application of the measures to limit visits and departures in public residences for the elderly is deficient.

For all these reasons, the Catalan Ombudsman recommends to the Department of Equality the urgent review of the regulations that regulate the material, staffing and operating conditions that residences for dependent elderly people must comply with, updating the one now in force. It also recommends that new conditions of regulation of the visiting regime be established, taking into account the level of vaccination achieved in the residences, and that the criteria to be taken into account are based on the integral concept of health defined by the WHO: physical, psychological and emotional .

In addition, the defender requests a Equality that establishes a crash plan that allows accelerating the validation of the contingency plans presented by the homes for dependent elderly people; to adopt the necessary measures to intensify the number of inspections carried out, in order to ensure correct compliance with the regulations issued on the regime of departures and hearings; and to ensure the necessary supervision measures to prove that all residences have sufficient material to guarantee telematic contacts between users and their families.

Finally, he suggests to the Department that makes a impact report that has had the limitation and prohibition of visits in the state of health of the people cared for in nursing homes, with special reference to those especially vulnerable groups (large dependents, Alzheimer’s, dementias …), from which the necessary improvement measures should start .


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