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The celebration of Mother’s Day of the famous and the most moving posts on Instagram

Celebrities celebrated Mother’s Day with emotional and moving messages on Instagram and other social networks. From Jennifer Lopez, who invited her mother from the stage at the Vax Live concert, to J Balvin, through Adamari López and reggaeton Natti Natasha among many.

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It is Mother’s Day many famous people have not stopped post thanks to your moms on your day, as well as their daughters, wives, friends and all those who are mothers and that day by day they exert such powerful work from the moment they gave life to their offspring. From J Balvin to Jennifer López They left messages loaded with affection on Instagram and on other social networks and love. Here are the ones that stood out the most and how the artists said ¡Happy Mother’s Day! to the women who gave them life.

The reggaeton J Balvin He moved his fans with a photo of his mom and him when he was very little. “Happy Day of the Mothers. Especially mine, who never explained this costume to me… He still doesn’t know, ”said the Colombian singer jokingly.

Since before Sunday began, already Jennifer Lopez had dedicated several posts to her mother in which they are accompanied by Emme, the singer’s daughter with Marc Anthony. One of the posts that most moved JLO fans was on The one who invited her mom to the stage at the Vax Live concert where he also sang Selena Gomez.

“What an amazing and sweet moment to be singing live on stage in front of an audience at #VaxLive with my mother. Thanks @glblctzn for inviting me! Happy Mother’s Day !!! ”, were the heartfelt words of the ex from Alex Rodriguez.

The entrepreneur and owner of the Kylie Cosmetics empire, Kylie Jenner, she did not stay behind and published some photographs but talking about her motherhood and what it means for her to be beautiful Stormie’s mom, which has almost equally captivated the hearts of the fans of his mommy and his dad, the rapper Travis Scott.

Adamari Lopez She did not stay down and posted a video where she teaches Alaïa how to prepare the flowers for the little corner that the famous one with portraits of her mother Vidalina Torres has in her house. He also published some photos that made it clear the happiness you feel when you are a mother of the most spoiled little girl on Hispanic television.

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Of course, Toni Costa, dancer and sentimental partner of the Puerto Rican, also paid his well-deserved tribute to the host of the show Telemundo, “Hoy Día”, telling Alaïa how lucky she is to have the beautiful and dedicated Puerto Rican as her mother.

The reggaeton Natti Natasha, who is about to give birth to her little daughter, offered his fans an online concert (Livestremaing) for him Mother’s Day 2021. Let us remember that, together with your partner and manager, Raphy Pina, they wanted more than anyone to become parents and, after many doctors told the Dominican woman that she could not have children, the miracle happened and she managed to stay pregnant. Now you are days away from meeting the true love of your life.

“I thought that I would not succeed because that day I woke up a little more tired of the account and for now I said; I want to leave a memory of my beloved LIFE and that THE uncles witness a great show! The 4 seasons of the year for me were epic. #Spring. What was your favorite? “, Wrote the singer accompanying an image of the show in question and thanking the man with whom she will form a family.

The beautiful presenter and program partner of Adamari López, the Chiquibaby, who is also in the sweet wait, did not overlook this important day. Like Nati Natasha, it took a lot for her to get pregnant and now that she has fulfilled her long-awaited dream, she does not stop sharing it with her fans who send her blessings daily for her and for the princess who is on her way.

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“HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! My heart fills with happiness and emotion to think that inside of me I carry a little person that in a short time will call me MOM… ”, Was the message with which the Mexican accompanied a beautiful illustration that reflects her maternity.

Hours later she published another photograph of her in which she looked radiant as during her entire pregnancy. Without a doubt, she is one of the most beautiful and flirtatious pregnant women on Hispanic television. It does not enter into debate that this pair has not only the husband of the beautiful presenter in love with Telemundo but to all his loyal fans.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!! This is the first that I celebrate with my beautiful baby (although she is inside her tummy) who is growing every minute, I hope to become a great mom like many of you !!! I hope they have pampered me a lot, my husband, as he always has, made me feel bad ”.

Finally, another of the most spoiled and pampered on television, Francisca Lachapel, did not post a photograph on his account Instagram, but yes a little message so as not to miss the celebration to all the mothers in the world. Although she has not shared a photo with her belly, because she does it daily through the screens of Wake up America, we will give you one so that you also melt with love.

There is no doubt that these are some of the most important women in the entertainment industry and incredible mothers (those who already are) and those who are about to become moms soon, who we are sure will be at full throttle.

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Happy mothers day!

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