Wednesday, October 27

The CEV continues its project: Salvador Navarro and Perfecto Palacio stand for reelection as presidents

The CEV dome, at the meeting this Thursday, with Perfecto Palacio on the left and Salvador Navarro at his side.  |  ANTONIO AMORÓS

The CEV dome, at the meeting this Thursday, with Perfecto Palacio on the left and Salvador Navarro at his side. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

What about Salvador Navarro was almost an open secret, and it was he himself who this Thursday was in charge of clearing up any type of doubt that there might be, when at the meeting of the executive committee and the board of directors of the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community (CEV) announced that it is going to stand for reelection as president. More unknowns existed regarding the continuity of his vice president and head of the organization in the province of Alicante, Perfecto Palacio, which were also diluted in the same forum by stating that he is willing to continue. And all this within the framework of elections that will arrive in advance, specifically in the first quarter of 2022, on the one hand, to speed up the implementation of measures that can contribute to the recovery and, on the other, anticipating a possible advance of the autonomic elections. Therefore, the CEV is committed to the continuity of its project, to finish shaping it.

Salvador Navarro has a long history as a business leader. He has held the presidency of the autonomous CEV since May 2018, although before, specifically since 2011, he was already in charge of the organization when it still had a provincial scope. His leading role as head of the Valencian Community employers’ association has been gaining in numbers, especially as a result of the pandemic and his active participation in the social dialogue table promoted by the Generalitat, in which trade union organizations have also been present, and in which important agreements have been reached that have contributed decisively to face the economic and health crisis.

All this foreshadowed that he would want to continue at the foot of the canyon, something that was definitively confirmed yesterday, when he announced that he was going to run for reelection.

There were more doubts around the figure of Perfect Palace. He acceded to the vice-presidency of the CEV and to the position of president of the organization in the province of Alicante in September 2018, after the resignation of Rosana Perán, and many in his day questioned even that he was going to exhaust the mandate. It was he himself who was also in charge yesterday of clearing up the unknown. “It is great news,” he said, “that Salvador Navarro has decided to present himself again, because he has done a great job of structuring. Of course, if you count on me, I will be delighted to continue, because I believe that the project started must be finished.

The elections, which should have been held in May next year, will be brought forward, however, to the first quarter. As Salvador Navarro explained, “in the coming months I am going to hold a series of meetings with members of the CEV, with the aim of drawing up a program that collects the concerns of the entire business fabric and defines the lines of action of the organization in the next four years.

The electoral advance, therefore, is related to the intention of applying as soon as possible the initiatives that come out of these meetings, in a context of extraordinary importance, taking into account that the path of recovery is now going to be set out after the most complicated moments of the pandemic. There is, however, another factor that may also be directly influencing this advance, such as the possibility that the regional elections are also anticipated. In such a case, the employer’s association would already have its process completed.

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