Thursday, November 26

The challenge of the school of a thousand palms

Field full of dates before the children's entrance to El Palmeral school.  |

Field full of dates before the children’s entrance to El Palmeral school. |

Its dimensions, its surroundings and its location make the El Palmeral school one of the most difficult to manage in Elche in terms of its cleaning and maintenance work. Without going any further, the educational center has a thousand palm trees. The pandemic has also brought new problems, such as that now schoolchildren have to enter through their side or rear entrances, which are more degraded than the main entrance, to comply with the safety and hygiene measures stipulated in the protocol to avoid contagion. Tired of the state of neglect, neglect and dirt that in their opinion the school presents, the mothers and fathers of El Palmeral issued a statement yesterday to denounce the “Dangerous state of the palm trees in the interior and the surroundings of the center”.

Aware of this situation and faced with the challenge of cleaning the school, the City Council, through the Department of Maintenance, have been taking measures for months to alleviate the understandable malaise of the association of mothers and fathers. These measures include the pruning of a thousand palm trees, which is scheduled to start in the middle of this month. “The brigade is finishing current works in the area of ​​José Antonio Cañete Juárez, Avenida de la Libertad and the Menéndez Pelayo school and at the beginning of the second fortnight of the month it will begin to intervene in El Palmeral”, explains the area councilor, Héctor Díez.

Some of the palm trees in poor condition of the thousand copies of the center. | INFORMATION

The pruning work of the brigade is not the only measure that the City Council has launched. Other actions have been those of reinforce the exterior lighting of the center with the aim of keeping as far as possible from the orchards in their environment the practice of criminal activities, such as prostitution or drug addiction, or the reinforcement, with a brigade of peons from the Urbaser neighborhood, of cleaning its perimeter, an action that is carried out daily every morning from 6 am. With regard to next year’s budget, an item of 40,000 euros for the comprehensive renovation of the interior street lamps that illuminate the educational complex.

The complaint that the association made public yesterday emphasizes “the abandonment by the City Council and the lack of pruning and maintenance, which causes dry palms and branches of dates to accumulate.” This fact causes, according to his story, that the courtyards and corridors are full of dates that, when stepped on, adhere to the soles of minors. “We are afraid that a palm tree will fall during school hours, as happened last year in front of the 3-year-old children’s pavilion. We want the school to be considered a vegetable garden for maintenance purposes, ”the complaint adds.

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