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The Chamber vindicates itself – Information

No one was missing at the meeting and the Minister of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Occupation, Rafael Climent, joined, who wanted to be with the businessmen of the Vega Baja region in such a special appointment knowing the importance they have for the exporting fabric of the Valencian Community and more in a moment as delicate as the current one.

In Orihuela there are 6,031 active companies, recalled in his speech the head of the Chamber, Mario Martínez, who highlighted the role of this institution as “an essential actor in the economic recovery to be the link between the Administration and the companies.” In this sense, he stressed that “Orihuela and the Vega Baja need the push of all administrations to boost the enormous economic potential that we know we have and that we must exploit.” To do this, he added, “investment is needed to improve services.”

The event took place in the CAM auditorium, with the assistance of businessmen from the region and politicians, where the annual awards were presented. | TONY SEVILLA


Necessary claims for the territory in matters of “health, financing and infrastructures, such as the Mediterranean Corridor or the Tagus-Segura transfer”, which he defined as the economic engine. Without forgetting that «we have a roadmap to develop everything we need, and it is called Plan Vega Renhace. Here is everything. So it is time to execute and invest in a region that has historically received the least money per inhabitant in any budget ”.

This event, which also coincides with the entity’s 120th anniversary, recognized the work of six companies and businesses in the municipality in the areas of hospitality and catering, internationalization and sustainability.

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Thus, the Casa Alfonso restaurant received the award for gastronomic tourism, while the award for local commerce went to the tailoring company Tejidos y Suits de Fiesta Escudero. The Marfen confectionery was chosen as the representative of traditional trade. The award for the innovative company went to the Harinas Serrano company. The fruit and vegetable exporting firm Amefruits was recognized with the internationalization trophy, and Trenzados San Bartolomé won the sustainability trophy. The figure of Oriolano Antonio Sánchez, former president of the Chamber of Commerce and recently deceased, was also recognized.

The Chamber vindicates


The mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, in the speech that served to close the act, congratulated the businessmen of the region and endorsed their demands before the rest of the administrations, especially those related to the future of agriculture by the uncertainty that the Tajo-Segura transfer, which is the main driver for many families, will be maintained.

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