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The change of the children’s games in the Park, pending Culture

Children playing in the children's area of ​​the municipal park

Children playing in the children’s area of ​​the municipal park

One of the main issues that has been addressed in the last management meeting of the Palmeral Board of Trustees has been to go ahead with the procedures for the installation of new children’s games in the Municipal Park, since a report from the Ministry of Culture is necessary .

“It is basically a replacement of the games that currently exist with more modern, inclusive and adapted ones, along with a new line of technological games”, indicates the councilor of Palmeral, Parks and Gardens, Héctor Díez, who clarifies that the council has requested information from the City Council to issue that favorable report.

At the beginning of October, the City Council put out to tender for the renovation of the children’s playgrounds in the Municipal Park for 229,000 euros the comprehensive renovation of the children’s areas in the green lung of the city.

The current games are between 25 and 30 years old and therefore the renovation now has to go beyond giving them a coat of paint. The tender estimated that the execution of these works lasts three months and the companies that aspired to the contract have had to submit technical reports, since “it is not a usual supply of children’s games”, in the words of Díez. For this reason, the local executive has asked the aspiring mercantile companies to propose innovation, security and that these games be inclusive, in the same way that their aesthetics are well integrated into the Palmeral, something as important as evidenced by the fact that the game itself conselleria has to approve the action.

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“The Municipal Park is one of the most emblematic areas of the city, which has seen thousands of people from Elche grow and in it are some of the most important orchards of the World Heritage Site,” highlights the councilor, who adds that ” the 150 playgrounds that the municipality has, the Municipal Park is the largest and most important.

Drowned in cement

To avoid controversies such as the one at the beginning of this week, in which palm trees in the Candalix parking lot were drowned in cement as a result of the works that are being carried out in this area, according to the Volem Palmeral collective, one of the main The agreements reached at the last meeting of the Palmeral Board of Trustees, at the request of the municipal government, is to issue an instruction to all municipal departments that promote or carry out public works «so that there is a homogeneous treatment of palm tree pits that are on public roads throughout the municipality.

It is a matter of giving the same treatment in terms of measures that the tree must have, as well as the recommended materials for filling it when necessary, for reasons derived from avoiding accidents on public roads. “We believe that this is the most certain thing so that the actions that have taken place in recent weeks by a company hired by the City Council and by the municipal Parks and Gardens brigade are not repeated,” said Mayor Díez.

The citizen platform Volem Palmeral criticized earlier this week the trampling of some of the palm trees on account of the redevelopment, remodeling or resurfacing of different spaces under construction.

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The group recalls that the Generalitat is close to approving the new Palm Grove Law to ensure better protection and “however, it turns out that the practices that the City Council carries out on a daily basis with its palm trees not only do not protect them at all, but also what worse, they seriously endanger the survival of such specimens and, furthermore, introduce a dangerous factor for citizens by deteriorating the Palmeral’s quality of life on public roads.

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