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The character of Davies and Calathes save Barça in Monaco

With the absences of Abrines and Sanli and the senior chip reduction from 15 to 13 this season, the Barça he is not very strong and the Euroleague he demands the best version in each game. During the visit to the field of Monaco the players of Jasikevicius that only leaving the skin, they could start the triumph. There is no other recipe: physical display and maximum concentration. Talent alone is not enough. Davies and Calathes They understood it better than anyone and they were the ones who brought out the character of Barça to survive an agonizing pulse, which needed an extension for its resolution (81-85).

Davies He was huge in the fight with 27 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and a PIR of 38. Calathes added to the heart of the pivot, his enormous intelligence on the court to also finish with exceptional numbers: 12 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists and four triples in important moments that ensured the fourth victory in four days for the Catalans, who maintain their leadership.

First time to forget

Although he has just landed in the top European competition, due to his status as champion of the Eurocup, the Principality box has the best attributes to compete well. In addition to having talent like that of the newcomers Mike James, Will Thomas or Motiejunas, he has centimeters and muscle left over, like the spectacular Donta hall. He already showed it on the Madrid court on Wednesday, and in the visit of the Catalan team he gave a new sample of his toughness. The Barça He was unable to withstand the intensity and rhythm of the Monegasque team in the first half and was in tow until the break (35-31), without hitting the key that activated it. The only light in the lack of collective tension was provided Calathes, insurance in any situation. He almost always faces his face and, normally, always producing at a good level.

With Higgins in one of those productive downturns that characterize him and Hayes is still far from contributing what is expected, Calathes became the anchor of the team. Also in the reference that he successfully dragged into battle Brandon davies, a player with all his heart, decisive in the outcome, also at Mirotic, much more involved than ever this season, already Laprovittola, a point guard whose heartbeats are not triggered no matter how tense the fight is.

With those soldiers it was like Barça he regained his pace and changed the dynamics to bring the game to a tense and exciting finale. In that scenario, Davies He managed to give the Catalans an extra life with a final basket after an invaluable rebound in attack, after Higgins’ failed layup. In that extension, Calathes and Hayes, who did provide a key rebound on the last play, they threw Barça while Mike james took all the weight in the MonacoAlthough this time it was not enough to give the victory to the French team, which will be a headache for their rivals.

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Monaco, 81- FC Barcelona, ​​85

Monaco: Lee (5), Ouattara (7), Gray (4), Boutsiele (4), Motiejunas (6) -starting five- Wstermann (10), Thomas (15), Diallo (4), Faye (2), Andjusic (-), Hall (8), James (16).

9 of 30 triples (Westermann, 3). 41 rebounds, 13 offensive (Thomas, 9). 18 assists (Lee, 5 years old)

FC Barcelona: Jokubaitis (2), Kuric (2), Higgins (6), Mirotic (14), Davies (27) – starting five- Smits (3), Hayes (5), Orihuela (2), Laprovittola (12), Calathes (12).

10 of 26 triples (Calathes, 4). 34 rebounds, 12 offensive (Calathes, 11). 19 assists (Calathes, 5)

Partial: 22-12; 13-19; 19-25; 21-19

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