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The Chavista National Assembly approves the Memorandum signed with the opposition in Mexico




The Chavista National Assembly of the Nicolas Maduro unanimously approved the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the delegates of the Unitary Platform headed by interim president, Juan Guaidó, this weekend in Mexico and even published it in the Official Gazette to give legal status to the dialogue commitment.

The Chavista representatives also approved an agreement that supports the memorandum and establishes that both parties will reject any act of political violence against Venezuela to guarantee peace, strengthen democracy and contribute to the economic and social development of the nation.

Mexico’s goal

The Chavista deputy Julio Chávez was the one who launched the proposal to approve the document because he considers that with the new dialogue process it is necessary

demand the cessation of sanctions. «Achieve the objective of Mexico, unblock the country. Demand that the aggressions and the criminal blockade cease, they will reactivate the economy of the country, “he said. But the one who expressed the greatest satisfaction was Nicolás Maduro, who claimed the success of the first round of negotiations, held in August 13-15 And that will continue from September 3 to 6 also in Mexico.

The signed Memorandum of Understanding is “a successful document for the country because it places the three points demanded by us, with all its forcefulness. Thus the opposition will not have a chance to kick the table, “said Maduro, referring to the end of sanctions, recognition of his government and renouncement of violence.

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The document contains seven negotiation points, which also include free and fair elections with a verifiable electoral schedule, restitution of political guarantees for all, attention to the social humanitarian crisis, among others.

Maduro stressed that partial agreements and consensus can be expected from the conversations between the parties, with the aim of building a general consensus. He also expressed his confidence in the talks and moderated his aggressiveness somewhat: «We will propose in the meetings in Mexico the beginning of a direct dialogue with the US government to address all bilateral issues (including the reopening of the US Embassy. in Caracas)”.

For its part, Jorge Rodriguez, president of the Chavista parliament and head of the official delegation, declared in the Miraflores Palace that after the negotiation between the government and the opposition in Mexico “we are not going to lock ourselves up in that country, but rather that we are going to continue the talks here in Venezuela ». He assured that so far the dialogue process has been “very active, dynamic that offers guarantees for all. Respect for the constitutional state is one of the established points ”.

Through his Twitter account, Guaidó explained that the two main objectives are to get out of the catastrophe that the country is going through and to recover democracy with guarantees.

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