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The cheap (and homemade) way to clean your oven in five minutes

Products to clean the oven there are many (in this link we will talk about some of them), but sometimes the solution is in “ingredients“that we all have at home and with which we can do the best oven cleaner (and cheap, very cheap).


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The dirt that accumulates in the oven is one of the most difficult to remove, but for everything there is a solution. With this “homemade recipe“The oven will look like new in just five minutes. (If you want another homemade recipe to clean the walls of the house, here we leave it for you).

These are the ingredients you will need to make this homemade product for the oven. In a bowl mixes a glass of sodium bicarbonate, a glass of water and a splash of vinegar. Then you have to stir the mixture and apply it on the dirt from the oven with a scourer. It is not a question of rubbing but of leaving as much of the product that we have prepared on the surface to clean up.

How to clean the oven to make it like new.

When we have distributed the mixture, put the oven into operation with an oven container with water. The optimal time to achieve the desired effect it is 45 minutes at 100 degrees.

After this time the dirt It will be ready to be removed with the help of a damp sponge or cloth. No need to rub. In five minutes the oven is completely clean with this trick. (Here we tell you another trick so that the broom leaves the floor as new).

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Cleaning tricks

Periodically you have in our Decoration section the cleaning tricks that can make your life easier. It’s about small helps that we have compiled in the different internet forums and in the main social networks in which those who know the most about keeping your home they tell you everything they know. Are details what can make your life easier in the sense that you will spend less time and money to have the house everything clean that you always want to keep it both for visits and for yourself. We hope that all of these tricks are useful and you can apply them.

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