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The Christmas announcement of Campofrío 2021: La Palma and the desire to overcome the Covid center the classic charcutero espot

Like every year like 11 years ago, Campofrío has released its Christmas advertisement such that a film ‘premiere’, with a presentation for the press of all its actors, leading figures of Spanish cinema. The announcement, which has become a long-awaited classic like that of the Christmas lottery, is entitled -and ‘hashtag’ to share on networks- #Vivirescojonante, and its formula is again the positivity and an invitation to enjoy the everyday Despite the adversities that life may have, be it a pandemic, the shortage, the rise in supplies or a catastrophe like the La Palma volcano.

Karra Elejalde This time he is the protagonist of the film, a man whose figure represents himself all the fears of today’s society, who two years ago received “a social slap in the form of a virus” and decided not to hug his friends, which scares him what happens in Russia, with bitcoin, and even stopped showering when he found out that it was not good to do so every day, when he decided to go out again, he realized that his kidney could be stolen, and that he turned off all the appliances at home for fear that they would listen to him … That man lived in so much fear that he even decided not to celebrate Christmas To keep him from giving him a rush of so much happiness. “They should have looked for someone else because I’m not like that,” Elejalde confessed with a laugh in the presentation.

The trio of ‘repeaters’

This is the first time that he has participated in the campaign for the charcuterie company, the third most purchased brand in Spain, according to Javier Portillo, Campofrío’s marketing director. Those who do repeat are the director herself, Icíar Bollaín, whose latest film has garnered 14 nominations for Goya, and that he has already directed the spots ‘Become a Foreigner’, ‘El CV de todos’ and ‘Despertar’, as well as the actresses Belén Cuesta and Candela Peña.

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For the director of ‘I give you my eyes’ it has been a challenge “tell little stories that bring you closer to reality. “In a less serious key, Peña has summed up the spirit of the campaign with a forceful phrase:” No matter how turmoil today is, tomorrow can be better. ”

The fuze this positive message The real testimony of the Palma winegrower puts it on the tape Victoria Torres, ‘Vicky’, with whom Bollaín contacted to shoot the ad last month on various stages in Madrid. “A volcano builds at the same time it destroys. My vineyards are in volcanic ash. It is part of who we are, this is our home. I feel very proud of how we take care of ourselves. There are 6,000 people outside the home. Who has a place that to offer, he has offered it. I have felt fear, but also the impulse to continue because I want to, because I think it is important and because life goes on, “says the woman on TV.

The courage of La Palma

The courage and determination to move forward in the face of adversity that fellow citizens of La Palma are showing have been source of inspiration for the campaign “And we hope that it is also so for the Spanish who are going through times of difficulty,” says Portillo.

‘Afraid’, the title of it, is an original idea of ​​the creative directors Monica Moro and Rachel Martinez – “and they go 10 + 1” – who have highlighted that this year they have chosen a very special music, a step of Holy Week called ‘To glory‘-work by Miguel Ángel Font-, which speaks of “the death and resurrection experienced by the character”, both explain. “A connection with popular culture but used in an unexpected context that gives the piece the touch of originality that was sought”, they have assured. Precisely this resurrection is what the protagonist experiences after hearing the message of the fighter from La Palma, which makes him change his attitude and look to the future with optimism: “Socializing leaves you well, I have returned to share hugs, to travel … because” living is scary. ”

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On this journey in which he returns to enjoy worldly pleasures, Elejalde is not alone, he is also accompanied by the actors Carlos Areces and Darko Pericy (‘The Money Heist’); the comedian and actor Edu Soto, and the well-known ‘youtuber’ The Eyebrows.

With a production team of more than 150 professionals and the participation of 75 figurative extras and supporting actors from a theatrical company, the film has been shot in different locations around the city. Madrid’s community –La Bolsa, Puente de la Reina, Madrid Río, Orcasitas neighborhood, Legazpi yellow colony, SalaMirandello and El Escorial- and has had Pau Esteve as Director of Photography, and Javier Alvariño as Art Director.


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