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The Christmas plant with red balls that everyone wants to have at home

Holly is one of the most typical Christmas plants.

Holly is one of the most typical Christmas plants.

Surely you have seen it in many Christmas movies and decorating certain windows since it is one of the plants more typical of the Christmas. And is that holly has become a symbol of Christmas. Yes, it’s about that christmas plant with red balls and pointed green leaves. It is not only one of the most typical winter trees. It is also already an indispensable in the Christmas decoration of shops and homes.

What is the name of the Christmas plant with red balls

If whenever you see this christmas plant with red balls you wonder what his name is, the answer is simple. Its about acebo. A small tree with showy green leaves and red fruits that, if properly cared for, can accompany you throughout the year and even for several seasons.

Holly has become an essential decorative element at Christmas. Pixabay

The most characteristic of this plant are the little red balls that accompany her in winter. They are its fruits and you must be careful with them because they are just as beautiful as toxic. So put your holly in places that children and pets cannot reach.

How to care for holly

The first thing you should know about this plant is that it is in Danger of extinction. So if you come across it while walking through the woods, don’t be tempted to pluck it up and take it home with you. Is totally prohibited.

However, if you want to have one of these plants at home you should go to a store or nursery. You can choose if you prefer to grow it in a pot or plant it directly in the garden.

If you choose to plant it in a pot, you have to be clear that above all it is a outdoor shrub and It needs to be exposed to natural air, something difficult if you always have it indoors. Better opt for the terrace or balcony. You can put it at home to decorate during Christmas and then take it out again. It is also important that you know that this shrub loves cold and humidity, so you should always avoid putting it next to stoves or heaters.

You must also have beware of pests, especially with aphids. If you detect that your plant has these annoying visitors, act quickly with a specific insecticide product.

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