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The Christmas star captured from Elda

The planetary conjunction captured one kilometer from the top of Mount Bolón with the author's brother posing with oracle props

The planetary conjunction captured one kilometer from the top of Mount Bolón with the author’s brother posing with oracle props

For 800 years there has not been a conjunction similar to that which has occurred this week between Jupiter, Saturn and their moons. Some believe that it is the star that guided the Magi to Bethlehem.

The star of Bethlehem that guided the Magi to the manger where Jesus was born has once again crossed the sky in the week of Christmas. But it is actually the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn with their moons. This curious astral phenomenon had not occurred for 800 years and we will have to wait until after the year 2400 for the capricious pairing to repeat itself. So Eldense astrophotographer Jordi L. Coy did not want to miss the opportunity to “hunt” the Christmas star with his camera. A task that has not been easy. For this, he has spent five days doing tests and has had the collaboration of his four brothers: Toni, Tin, Cari and Hermi. They climbing the emblematic Mount Bolón de Elda and he mounting his photographic equipment at a shooting point located almost a kilometer away. It has not been easy but the result has been spectacular and the image shows his brother Toni alone, wearing a props inspired by the Vikings series, pretending to be an oracle of the time.

The curious astral phenomenon occurred for the last time in the Middle Ages and will not be repeated until the year 2400

The photograph was taken last Monday, December 21, at around seven in the afternoon. Jordi L. Coy planned the moment so that the stars were aligned with his brother as soon as the sky darkened. And to achieve the best possible quality, he chose to make a composition of two takes taken from the same place. The first was before full dark and the second a few minutes after. In this way he was also able to obtain details of the “Moons” of Jupiter and Saturn that he joined together in a post-processing. «That they are two photos together does not mean that it is unreal. It is a processing technique to obtain a better quality in the foreground “, the author explained yesterday after recounting how the moments before the” hunting “of the star of Bethlehem were. “I wanted the evening of the conjunction to be productive and I had to have everything ready since she was only going to see each other for a few hours. But from the point where I was I knew that I was only going to have about twenty minutes to achieve the goal, “he explains with the satisfaction of having achieved it.

Experts such as the professor of theoretical astrophysics and cosmology Grant Mathews, from the University of Notre Dame in the United States, say that the alignments between Jupiter and Saturn are strange but not uncommon. However, in this December 2020 an exceptional event has taken place. So much so that the two planets seem to have merged into an extremely bright point of light that appears in the sky as a double planet. An image that has not been seen on Earth since the Middle Ages and that, after initiating a process of rapprochement since the summer, has reached a separation less than the diameter of the full Moon between December 16 and 25, being December 21 December the day of closest approach. A unique moment to capture the Christmas star that Elda’s astrophotographer did not want to miss.


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